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Love Love Love, Oh Yeah!

December 29, 2009 — 1 Comment

You know, if anyone artist deserves to make me broke, it’s Wang Lee Hom and his freaking talent. Not only is he an astounding singer, and a kick ass composer… and producer. He also plays 14 instruments, and freaking speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Japanese and French.

To make it funny, he’s also beaten Angelina Jolie, since he has 10 adopted children from Laos.

He’s an amazing live performer, and I would kill (not literally) to see him in a concert.

Check out,

I received a notification on my email that Amazon was going to begin selling The Best of Rocko’s Modern Life: Volume 3 this week. First of all, I wasn’t aware that Volume 1 and Volume 2 were on the market. Then I read properly. It’s not an official release! It’s on DVD-R, so they won’t play on many DVD players. And they’re edited! And you gotta pay over $20USD for those volumes.

So that’s about $60 for just three volumes.
The Best of Rocko’s Modern Life – Volume 1
The Best of Rocko’s Modern Life – Volume 2
The Best of Rocko’s Modern Life Volume 3 (2 Disc set)

Now, is that fair? As a consumer, and as a fan of the show?

No, I don’t think so.

So this is a link to the complete 4 seasons of Rocko’s Modern Life.

Daria DVD News Spazz~~~

November 21, 2009 — Leave a comment

On July, I posted this about the Daria DVD.

I just got an email update with more info, which sound spazz-tastic~

  1. It sounds as though, rather than put the episodes out season-by-season, they are looking to put the whole series out at once, including the movies.
  2. There will be goodies, though which ones, I am not sure. However, the Sarcastathons and the specials were mentioned, and it looks as though they are going through ANY footage to find superfluous Daria appearances (like on TV talk shows).
  3. The commercial bumpers will be preserved, and in their rightful places.
  4. The episodes will be from the original masters, so no Noggin jujitsu cuts.
  5. The DVDs could come out as early as spring 2010. I’m going to play it conservative and still claim that they won’t be available until late 2010. For outside of the United States, it will be closer to 2011.

Also, apparently… for licensing reasons — there will be music replacement. However, it appears that they will replace some songs with covers, so they are trying to make changes not too noticeable. As for licensing explanations, old shows that used music prominently are having issues with their DVD release because the permits they used on the original TV broadcast don’t apply when releasing the music on DVD.

New shows don’t suffer from it, because the different licensing issues are dealt when shooting the show.

via TVShowsOnDVD and DVDAria Petition.

It’s Mysterious Ways!

August 27, 2009 — 1 Comment

The year, 2000… I think.

Mysterious Ways - Season 1 - Title

Anyway, for any fans of the shows, I just found the torrent for Mysterious Ways, that Canadian (probably shot on Vancouver) show with Adrian Pasdar (who is now married to Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks) with Rae Dawn Chong (who my mother refuses to believe is Chinese, LOL) and Alisen Down (playing the geeky and awkward Miranda) – by the by, I’m pretty sure I was a Declan/Miranda kinda shipper… ~ I’m telling you, it’s all about the geek.

Also, don’t mind the title sequence. It’s a really REALLY bad title sequence, super 90’s and cheese~ xD

Anyway, I’m posting the links to the torrents because there are no DVDs… I doubt there will be any releases since it’s such a tiny show… and Canadian. Canadian programming sucks when it comes to releasing on DVD.

It’s a little over 15Gb for both seasons, but it’s worth it if you want the show. Remember, the show getting a DVD release it’s a long shot. Better download while you can. And if the torrent goes dead (and there are still no DVD releases), you can leave a message to request re-seed.

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I loved Pixar’s UP. The first 15min. of the film is pure magic, so when I saw it on my Amazon recommended page, I was thrilled because I want to get it. But here’s the thing…

Since this post, they have announced a 2-disc DVD.

There’s only the single-disc DVD, and the 4-disc Blu-ray (which comes with the blu-ray, plus digital copy, plus DVD and who knows what else…) – To be honest, the $+30 price tag on the Blu-ray makes me not want to get it. Even worse because I haven’t made the switch to the format yet…

Then… the +$10 price tag on the single disc… which is ONE disc only, hardly any worthy extras. Compared that to the $20-something 3-disc DVD WALL-E version. And I’m not sold on UP. I’m sorry. If the price doesn’t go down below $15 for the single disc, I’m not buying it. I would’ve paid $20 for a two-disc DVD. What gives?