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There’s also shots of Theron with Kristen Stewart, but who cares. xD

I haven’t really been properly following Okaasan to Issho — this means I haven’t been practicing my Japanese much — so I was really REALLY surprised: first, when they changed the weather mascots so soon. I suspect it didn’t suit well with the whole Tohoku Earthquake. They seemed to have lasted just a couple of years compared to some of the others…

Anyway, the second thing that surprised me was… Itou Mayu is no longer there! Apparently she did her last show by the end of March. Sadly, I haven’t found any clip of that online.

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There’s a stunning photoshoot with Fan Bingbing in the June issue of Vogue China, that somewhat reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. I think that has to do with the blond and the light blue dress. The styling is mad.

You can check the other photos over at Fashiontography.

I don’t watch as much i.Sat as I used to, but this is my favorite commercial I’ve seen from them.

I’m so glad they have it on their YouTube account. xD

Stop fueling the Machine!

Cocaine Unwrapped in a documentary by Rachel Seifert on how cocaine consumption affects South America’s production of drugs.

Agency: Leo Burnett London
Production house: Stink
Postproduction studio: Platige Image
Director: Tomek Bagiński
CG Supervisor: Grzegorz Kukuś
Producer: Agata Socha
Art director/Concept Art: Piotr Jabłoński
Compositing: Alan Uran
Rendering: Mateusz Bargiel, Grzegorz Kukuś
Animatic: Damian Nenow
Modellers: Mateusz Gajewski, Artur Owśnicki
Textures: Bartłomiej Walendziak
Additional Technical Director: Mateusz Popławski
Offline: Adam Kałuski
Conforming: Piotr Popielawski
DOP:: Kamil Pohl
Camera assistant: Maciej Żak
Make-up artist: Monika Bagińska
Cast: Karolina Mann

Here’s the Vimeo link. There’s also a YouTube version available.