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Baby, you’re so skinny! You need to take care of yourself better… and if that’s not the case, the post-production team should really get off the air-brush when they treat your pictures.

You look better when you put on a few more pounds… you look more adorable.

Well, if that’s not ENOUGH blunt – then I don’t know the meaning of blunt.

On Saturday — the day I was having dinner with my friend, I went to some tea shop that reminded me of The Storyteller… or maybe it was Bilbo Baggins place, I can’t be sure.. but it was one of the most rustic places I had ever sipped tea at with it’s scribbled walls and wooden interior~


The place apparently is called Dalsaeneun Dalman Saenggak Handa (달새는 달만 생각한다 인사동), the branch in Insadong.


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So… halfway through my stay in Seoul and I’ve hardly seen much. In all honesty, we’ve been really tired jumping from one place to the other, so we’re taking this time to relax like we haven’t before…

Having said that, I’ve gotten the chance to meet up with friends that I haven’t had the chance to see in nearly six years, so it’s been definitely a nice experience — warm, despite the bizarre Seoul weather that’s greeted us, which includes a full day of rain (bus water splashing included), sunny mornings with scattered snow, and loads of icy wind which have contributed with my broken throat and runny nose.


I know I always talk about how I miss Vancouver and my friends, but my meeting with them has made me realize how much I miss hanging out with them over simple cups of coffee and snacks.

Of course, walking alone in Seoul through the streets and using public transportation made me think of that person. LOL So many people remind me of that person xD

I dunno how to type the name of the palace ^o^


Gyeongbok Palace it is~ Miss ya so much, Seoul~~~



On our way to Seoul~