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Hi, guys~

To tell you the truth, I haven’t even had that much time to go through my daily bits like I used to. But sometimes, when I’m lucky… I will find something that I would like to post.

This clip is so freaking fantastic. xD

Pretty big-sized paper sculpture!

The music is MEH~ but the stop-motion music video is pretty cool. A nominee for best Paper music video? xD

Artist James Roper took some time making an avera of 10 origami flowers a day for three years…

OMG, I just felt bad about myself after writing that sentence.

More here.

Directed by David Altobelli
Photography by Larkin Seiple
Production Design by Ethan Feldbau

This video is all about group work. I mean it looks GREAT, and has one of the best uses of origami ever. Meaning if you’ve got a small budget for your music video, the best way to spend it is by getting a kickass Director of Photography. Who else will have the talent to make ANTYHING from trash to cardboard boxes look good.

Hammonck’s Chasing After Shadows… Living with the Ghosts comes out next month.

I feel like I’m having a HUGE music video animation bias, but this could be a good candidate for one of the highlights in Music Videos for 2010. Doesn’t compare to the Breakthrough of this though.

made entirely of cut paper, pen and ink by Liam Stevens.

I need you to link me to synchronized dancing or videos with loads of dancing~ xD