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Only ONE spot missing! On the #4 spot is Evan Rachel Wood~~~


Back in 2002 and 2003… and maybe half of 2004, I was the hugest Evan Rachel Wood fan on this side of the world. I mean, I used to watch every weekend Sony’s reruns of Once & Again, so when I moved to Canada and saw that I would be able to watch Thirteen at the cinemas, I was thrilled. I probably should still have my used ticket somewhere.

Anyway, after Thirteen came and went, Wood began to be cast oftentimes as the Lolita of the films she chose to make. They weren’t bad films, but her choice of roles seemed to be getting boring. Down in the Valley (with Edward Norton) wasn’t a bad film, but it was a pretty average role of the young girl that sleeps with the older guy and stuff happens. Then came Running with Scissors (directed by Ryan Murphy, and working alongside Annette Bening, Alec Baldwin and Gwyneth Paltrow) which wasn’t really a bad film either.

It wasn’t until King of California (with Michael Douglas) came out that I started to pay attention again. That was followed by The Life Before her Eyes (with Uma Thurman, directed by Vadim Perelman of House of Sand and Fog fame), and eventually ended up working as Lucy on the dramedy/musical Across the Universe. I’m pretty much sold right there and then~

Last year, she showed up on a bit of The Wrestler, so any Aronofsky film on anyone’s filmography is cool on my books, and then showed up on Woody Allen’s Whatever Works with a pretty hilarious southern accent. She is currently working as an over-sexed (most likely) vampire lady on the HBO True Blood with fellow actress Anna Paquin.

Next up for Wood, The Conspirator directed by Robert Redford with James McAvoy, Robin Wright Penn, Kevin Kline, Tom Wilkinson and Alexis Bledel. Worth to keep an eye on her ;P

As always, I think I’m a little off with the guys. O.o
I feel the list is a bit uninspiring, LOL

check it out yourself~~~

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This week I was thinking about making a compilation of 20 actors (women and men) between the ages of 20-25 to keep track until they’re 30. I tried writing the post today, but it turns out I don’t have many names. Ha! First, some of the people I was considering adding to the list are 26, or not even 20… or are already in their 30s, which is great for them since I thought they were in their 20s… not so good for my list.

At the moment though, I have 8 actresses already picked out. However, I’m missing 2 more actresses. And I’m missing all of the guys (10). HAHAHAHA. So I need help. Leave a comment with some names of young actors/actresses.

Just some things to keep in mind…

  • must be between 20-25, can also be turning 20 this year.
  • must have more than one or two films on her/his CV.
  • too much TV and only 1 film doesn’t count.
  • award recognition is nice, but not mandatory.

As I add the people in single posts, I’ll be adding their names here and linking. :)

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Crazy good looking photo by Yu Tsai.

Evan Rachel Wood by Yu Tsai

What’s the deal with Wood? Oh, man… I used to be a big fan during her Once and Again days, I even rented that Little Secrets movie (with David Gallagher whom I had the biggest crush on… and ultimately dated Poor Man’s Angelina Megan Fox *eek!*, and Michael Angarano… who now dates Kristen Stewart (?)) – Anyway, I was a big fan when Thirteen came out… I was in Vancouver and I got to see it in theaters! LOL’ I thought I had seen the best shit ever, xD – I even own it on DVD… and then they came, the Lolita roles~ one after the other, I just got sort of bored of it.

Pretty Persuasion, Upside of Anger, Down in the Valley, Running with Scissors (with Ryan Murphy, Gwyneth and Mary Cherry! LOL) – but I got tired.
And the whole Marilyn Manson business, with the VonTeese look. Tiring.

However, in 2007 she did King of California (with Michael Douglas), The Life Before her Eyes (with Uma) and Across the Universe, which I thought were pretty okay, so I got interested again. Add to that, The Wrestler and I’m sold.

ANYWAY, enough crap talk. Some more photos below the break.

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Joan Crawford - Mildred PierceIt’s been announced that Kate Winslet will be in a new adaptation of James M. Cain’s novel Mildred Pierce. This time around a miniseries… possibly involving HBO, directed by the Far from Heaven (Julianne Moore) director Todd Haynes. HBO does pretty good miniseries…

but I dunno how to feel~~~

Before, the novel was adapted into the movie that earned Fab Joan Crawford her Oscar for Best Actress in 1945.

I loved the movie. It came with my Joan Crawford movie collection, and it made me want to slap Veda so so SO bad~~~ I’m fascinated by the way Crawford led her life… she took it all, man. Until the end.

They don’t make them like that any longer. Stars love to bitch now. They want their privacy, but do nothing. They love the attention, but they bitch. That’s how they make them now…

As you may also know… I’m also fascinated by Greta Garbo. Fell in love with the both of them. Garbo gave it all up for her privacy. That’s how you do it… stars now can’t.

Also, my dad loved the movie too. xD
Had so much fun watching it, and wanting to slap Veda around too.