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I was re-watching the DVD for Swallowtail Butterfly that I bought after watching the film on YouTube xD – and Because I’m cheap, I bought the Hong Kong version, when the Japanese version comes with English subtitles. I don’t think it’s the DVD per se, but the way it was shot. I don’t really know what it is, it’s scratchy, and it could certainly be because the film is kinda old. However, I would like to see a clean better release by Criterion… of all of Shunji Iwai written and directed films~

Fake Criterion Collection: Shunji Iwai Collection - Love Letter

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Yay! I’m done with the Garbo films that come on the TCM Garbo Signature Collection. On this batch there’s Queen Christina — my favorite just because of the line about being a bachelor xD — then there’s Anna Karenina, Camille and Ninotchka.

My favorite of this batch turned out to be Anna Karenina, even though it was the trickiest one to do. I wanted to use the train as the symbol of the film, but I couldn’t find a perfect train with the perfect smoke/steam. In the end, I ended up looking for smoke/steam alone… and I almost just use that by itself, but I thought it would look too much like the cover for Devil and the Flesh… so I made a composite image. LOL

Fake Criterion Collection: Greta Garbo Collection - Anna Karenina

I also sort of liked how Ninotchka turned out. It’s completely different to the other covers, except for the Criterion logo and titles, but like I told my friend JK when he asked why Anna Christie was the only one in color – besides whiskey not being whiskey without the color… Anna Christie was Garbo’s first Talkie, so to make it different in a “Garbo Talks” sort of way, there’s color. LOL, but you know… that may be total bull.

Fake Criterion Collection: Greta Garbo Collection - Ninotchka

Same with Ninotchka – “Garbo Laughs” and so the cover is completely different to the others. It’s got more color, the titles and signature are in black. You can check the whole Fake Criterion set on Flickr.

Just started a Greta Garbo Fake Criterion Collection, from the TCM Garbo Signature set. The only one I’m choosing not to do is Grand Hotel… and of course, the TCM archives. So I’m only missing Queen Christina, Anna Karenina, Camille and Ninotchka. ;P

My favorite fake cover… is between The Mysterious Lady and Flesh and the Devil.

Fake Criterion Collection: Greta Garbo Collection - Flesh and the Devil

In this one, I like the flame… which you know, I picked from the classic scene where they are lighting their cigarettes and the shot gets so awesome with the light. Of course, I couldn’t find a lighter, so decided to just use the flame. And in it, you can see a bit of that scene if you squint enough.

Plus, Flesh and Devil sounds so sinful and all about kinky passion. LOL Fire, right? xD

Fake Criterion Collection: Greta Garbo Collection - The Mysterious Lady

And The Mysterious Lady plays the whole spy thing. I’m not even sure if the gun fits the movie, it just looked like it did… it wasn’t too “period-like” and it wasn’t a modern shotgun.

It just didn’t feel right to use Greta Garbo and/or the movie stills. It seemed kind of… dull. That’s why I’m kind of disappointed on my version for Mata Hari. I couldn’t find a still of just the head piece, and I didn’t want to use Garbo’s face — as striking as it was — and I was about to use just the ring, but I guess it’s not really that striking.

And of course, Anna Christie plays on the whole “Gimme a whiskey!” line. After all, Garbo Talks! LOL

You can check the rest of the set here.

Just started this.

My Fake Criterion Collection

… you realize you spend all your time watching movies in your room with the lights off, while ignoring any form of communication, including real people.

You’re tears well up and hear heart jumps into your throat when you walk into a store with more than a hundred dollars ear marked for Criterion.

90% of your friends haven’t even heard of any of the films on your top ten, aside from you ranting about them. – Except the cool ones, of course ;P

you realize you like fictional people more than real ones.

everything in the world is seen as a film to you.

You spend more time on a certain film site any given day than you do talking to any member of your family.

you lecture people on what to watch and what not to. -  Of course!

you tell people about the inner working of film and they look at you like your a circus performer. With awe and confusion… and keep talking of how hot such and such looked.

You start to notice the names of directors… – You are lost. xD – *sighs* ever since I was a kid, even with music videos. what can you do, eh?

you come off like a pretentious jackass, even though you aren’t. when the subject of favorite films comes up.

You use your lunch break to buy movies instead of actually eating. – Oh man, I used to be that person when I began living alone hahaha.

you go to browse DVDs on a weekend night, and spent over 1hr just browsing through them even though you’re only picking three or four… a week. LOL – BAWWW I miss my friends.

the numbers of movies you own equals or surpasses the number of movies your entire other five family members own (combined). – SNAP! Guilty! I probably can put my whole family and friends “collections” and I would still have more.

you want to shoot yourself because you accidentally purchased a “full screen” version. DOH!

you would rather spend the evening sitting in front of the big screen with a good DVD than go out dancing with the significant other.

someone asks you what would you do if you had a million dollars, and you say “Buy every Criterion DVD” and an old drive-in theater to fix up and show nothing but the great films. – though I also want this sweet bike, but it turns out the bike is from a film… so~~~

your DVD collection suddenly has become too large for your set of shelves… – seriously~~~

everything on your Birthday list is a movie, or movie soundtracks~~~

LOL, many more reasons over at! Come and join me =D