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YAM011 is READYYY!!!

August 15, 2010 — Leave a comment

I just spent nearly 2hrs. posting this somewhere else, and I still need to email everyone. LOL

Without further ado,


I guess I can show you a little, right?

If you missed out that day, here’s what I said about the experience of interviewing Diane Warren.

I’m behind on content. Too many events this week. >,<

Frak You, Sony BMG

July 12, 2010 — 2 Comments

I’m tired of you, and your region restriction.

It’s not only in your channel, but also any channel with artists you signed on? Or any video that has music of your artists? And then you fraking wonder why I get my stuff somewhere else…


It’s not only that you monopolize Michael Jackson… Christina Aguilera, and even Pink, I think and all the other pop acts because… let’s face it, all the record companies have merged into one big butt family with the likes of Arista, LaFace, Jive, J Records, etc etc. You also monopolize Wang Lee Hom’s videos. So Sony BMG, YOU SUCK.

This one’s for Bill~ thanks for the AI recommendation ;P

I have finally fallen in love with the song. It took a while~ Now, that Hitori janai kara/watashi ga kimi o mamoru kara kills me. The song is just so… uplifting. I think it might go great together with Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful. Once you hear it, you have to stand up and sing it out loud.

Here’s the okay-ish English lyrics.

I really like her FEAT AI album!
and her PASSION song kills me when she sings “Mira, mira / Watashi o mite”

I am beautiful… in every single way. Yeah, words won’t… bring me down~~~


June 15, 2010 — 1 Comment

Hi, China! You rock.

Right next to, there’s – whose name makes little sense to me… apparently it means Dried Shrimps. Huh, right? xD Anyway, seems like it has a pretty collection of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Western music…

No region restrictions!

Highlights? Which we reviewed and rated on the latest YAM~~~

Just hit the PLAY button there.

Also, big info!

Bibi’s soon-to-be released i.Light.Fish album contains a song written by Diane Warren. *Excited*