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My purty iTunes Library~

April 22, 2011 — 4 Comments

I’m a dork, you can’t deny it.

I’m a dork, and I’m proud of my -mostly- tidied up iTunes library.

As with my CDs, and my DVDs… a little bit of books, and mostly with computer files, I like to know where my things are. Of course, iTunes makes it way easy to keep things organized with their “copy to folder” and “keep things organized” options, but then we’ve got album covers, song names, artists names… and music can get a little messy.

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LivingSocial Albums~

November 21, 2010 — 1 Comment

Previously known as TuneSocial? xD

Recently listened to~~~

Divided on whether or not buy the Monkey Majik Best collection because the album doesn’t have the oh-so-sweet Forever version with the kiddos and the old people. As if I could hate rainbows and puppies!

Then there’s Mavis Fan 1999 album, I Want Us to Be Together – so SO freaking-tastic. Frak! This type of albums is what makes me wish I could understand Mandarin, and makes Chinese music all sorts of awesome.

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OMG, I think I’ve broken my own whatever record of music heard ever.

I’ve been listening to whatever I could find for streaming. Including albums that I had no plans to listen to, but I figured I should just to say I have listened to them when giving my opinion, and not get that “well, if you don’t listen to it, how do you know it’s bad?” – you know that response, right?

So I think you’d be surprised to see what I’ve listened to.

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Music Overload

April 24, 2010 — 16 Comments

I just spent all day yesterday (and still) listening to music at Haoting.

Yay for keeping updated!

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Wow, it seems like such a small # of albums xD

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