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Goodbye, Taiwan~

March 20, 2012 — Leave a comment

Taiwan, it was really nice to meet you~~~


Korea, here we go~~~

My feet are killing me… again, and we just did the famous Taipei 101 building that has the fastest elevator in the world — the Guinness World Record says so — clocking at about 1km per minute or 60kmph.

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Too much walking in the heat. I should relax watching tv, but Taiwanese tv is amazingly bad. All I do when it’s the time is watch Korean variety programs and music shows… even when they’re the same I watched the prior night. LOL

Finally in Taipei… looks like a whole new country~ Looking forward to shopping for clothing here LOL

Also, can’t believe this is a hotel.


Don’t blame me, but I had some ramen tonight. I thought I was done photographing food… I guess not. I had some insides of fish in the afternoon alongside some peppered snails… there’s a first time for everything~

Still not used to Taiwanese streets…


Can’t get used to not having a sidewalk…