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I should be really working on these more often because there are 3 more left before I get to choose the ones from 2009~~~ This time around, I kind of feel like i didn’t get to watch many good films. It was really tough to find 3 animated films to include, and considered to just choose two instead, but I found 3 xD so I hope it’s not mostly filler~

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So we freaking made it! #1 on the List of Actresses~~~
None other than Ellen Page!


Wait, I know. I’m very well aware that many people hate her. Whatever. You know why? Because I’m being quite objective here, and Page has made it to the top with merit. She was pretty freaking scary as Hayley on Hard Candy — my friend told me her now X was scared to his balls in fear. LOL — Anyway, she was also part of a franchise, though a very small role, she was Kitty Pryde on X3.

She later left me scared to death with American Crime, and Tracey Fragments proved to be a very interesting and bizarre film choice. She was later Juno with all her Junoness, won a bunch of awards and was nominated for an Oscar. Next up will be Peacock with Susan Sarandon and Cillian Murphy… and there’s freaking Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Michael Caine, and again Cillian Murphy — directed by the one and only Christopher Nolan~~~

That’s a crew to die for!

Plus, if you ask my father, he’ll tell you she’s the one. LOL

If Inception proves to be successful, there will probably be more role choices… more interesting projects. Unless Page gets bored with acting, I don’t see her boring us with some crazy films…

I just made a gallery at Flickr on gender-bending photos~
can only add 18 pics though =(

some celebrity photos! LOL – check it out!


Drew Barrymore (and Juliette Lewis) are on the cover of Vs Magazine.

Drew Barrymore - VS Magazine Cover

but everyone is talking about the newest issue of Marie Claire with Drew and Ellen Page on the cover… why? Well, besides from giving an interview where both of them fangirl and fuzz over each other… (which is super cute)

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This week I was thinking about making a compilation of 20 actors (women and men) between the ages of 20-25 to keep track until they’re 30. I tried writing the post today, but it turns out I don’t have many names. Ha! First, some of the people I was considering adding to the list are 26, or not even 20… or are already in their 30s, which is great for them since I thought they were in their 20s… not so good for my list.

At the moment though, I have 8 actresses already picked out. However, I’m missing 2 more actresses. And I’m missing all of the guys (10). HAHAHAHA. So I need help. Leave a comment with some names of young actors/actresses.

Just some things to keep in mind…

  • must be between 20-25, can also be turning 20 this year.
  • must have more than one or two films on her/his CV.
  • too much TV and only 1 film doesn’t count.
  • award recognition is nice, but not mandatory.

As I add the people in single posts, I’ll be adding their names here and linking. :)

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