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If you know me, you probably wouldn’t think that I’d be a fan of Milk@Coffee, why? Because Milk@Coffee is happy poppy simple music. My friends think it sounds like children’s music. Obviously, they have that certain vibe because the female part of this duo, Kiki, sounds like a little kid singing, and the music in itself sounds very playful and catchy. However, looking into the songs, they reveal a certain maturity.

Of course you’ve got catchy favorites like Wo Bu Shi Rock n’ Roll (I’m not Rock n’ Roll), the wacky Curry Coffee, or Burn! Little Universe, and Yi Qi Lai (Together). However, there’s also songs like The Older the Lonelier – you gotta admit that’s a really REALLY sad title – or Accustomed to Loneliness. How about the most off-beat of their songs? The Zhongguo Feng-styled (traditional Chinese sounding) Die Lian Hua.

In this new single titled No Time — the album will be out by September… in a mayor label, so Milk@Coffee is no longer indie –, they seemed to have struck a balance with that maturity and the catchy. Yes, No Time sounds like a kid’s song, but it talks about a thing kids will never mind until they grow up a bit. How many of you keep telling the people you know that you don’t have enough time to do something. It’s a tale as old as… well, time.

The begins with a minute of various celebrities saying what they lack time for.  “I am __” they say, “I have no time for ____”.  These neglected activities include listening to music, dating, losing weight, studying abroad, visiting relatives,  having kids, and so many other commonplace ones that every listener should hear one they too pushed back at one point. The spoken introduction ends abruptly with Laure Shang saying: “My name is Shang Wenjie. I have no time to record whatever this is for you”.

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Say hi back to Lauryn Hill.

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I took some time to fill up my YouTube Wayne Isham Playlist. Now it contains over 50 videos directed by Isham, but I’ve omitted some — namely most Metallica videos because they don’t let me watch their content, so screw them.

If you missed my write-up on Isham’s work, here you go~

Here’s the link to the list, and don’t forget to “HEART” this post and/or comment on what videos could be added, or other music video directors for future Music Video Director posts xD

The video felt a little bit like Paranormal Activity to me, but oh well. It’s always nice to listen to AI’s soulful voice, to be honest. She doesn’t seem to have change a bit since her Story days. xD

or check her for the Universal Japan version.

I like it when she says “Just call me, just call me. Oshiette ite. Or something like that xD

I still think Big Bang should stop singing in Japanese, but their funny pronunciation didn’t bother me as much this time around. The video is alright — with all those circles on the wall — and there was a bit too much autotune on Seungri, Taeyang and G-Dragon’s voices (big surprise!). It’s a pity even Daesung has to use it, when he has a perfectly fine voice. But dude, that hair split in the middles has got to go!

TOP, baby, you’re alright. LOL I’m not even sure if you did your rap in English, Korean or Japanese. I don’t think I care, you sounded and looked good on the video. LOL

G – I want your glass-less glasses.