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Baby River was just too cute not to blog about. This is the first pic I see of Keri Russel’s baby, and awwwwwwww… x’D

Aww, Baby River

Isn’t River adorable?

The nominations for the Screen Actors Guild are in! Marion got a nod, woohoo!

Other nominations include, Ryan Gosling, Javier Bardem, Ellen Page, Julie Christie, etc.

Having Gosling for a SAG nod and not Johnny ups his chances for a GG win, non?

For a complete list of nominees, go here.


I was ready to go to bed, when I decided to check imdb for something I can’t even remember now. I had promised myself I would cut down on gossip, but it’s impossible… Especially when you read headlines like Younger Spears Pregnant.

This will be the topic to talk about on MSN. Lol’ Just like Britney was MSN talk during the VMA.

To read all the articles, just check all gossip sites… they are bound to have countless posts on it already. Perez Hilton, Hate to love that… can’t stand his site, but it’s guaranteed  to post fast. – Fave site, Lainey’s Gossip… she will probably have something on it by noon, with all the Pacific Time thing being 3hrs behind…

Must get rid of this small adrenaline rush now.

We Love Sexy Nerds

December 15, 2007 — 2 Comments

‘Nuff Said.

I’ve heart Christopher Gorham since I saw him on Popular. I’ve always melted while seeing him on screen, ha! and I’m so glad he’s doing so good as Henry on Ugly Betty.

But I saw him first!! Ha~ xD

We can all be jealous of Anel Lopez-Gorham. She’s so lucky, eh?

Here are some pics I’ve found.

Images were offline so decided to find them again, and post. Hope you enjoy!

I just can’t believe Amazon doesn’t have any more of The Jason Bourne Collection, especially since they didn’t have it listed when Ultimatum appeared for pre-order~~~ damn u, amazon! I could’ve pre-ordered, duh!

Late edit, but I ended up buying from, and re-stocked.