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Oct 1

Yu Aoi in Matsuko????

I always trust IMDb, I do… but you know, this trust has been slowly fading the more ‘non-occidental’ projects I watch…

The thing is… I watched Kiraware Matsuko no Issho (Memories of Matsuko) because I made a list from Yu Aoi’s IMDb filmography. I LOVED the film, but I did not see her… so I went on a cyber-hunt. If you google it up, you will most likely find my posts because apparently I’m the only one that’s bugged by this.

There are other sites who list her, but I’m inclined to say they are referring IMDb.

I have given up my hunt, I do not care if I see Yu in Matsuko… LOL’ I will believe that she’s not in it, but there will always be this notion that she might have been… this silly doubt in the back of my head.

Amy post! I’m currently typing while listening to Salyu’s debut… ‘landmark’ – I’ve been listening to it for the past two days, repeating out loud what I could make out from just listening. Ha! Listening and pronunciation practice xD

Coding… coding either bores me, or gives me headache. I don’t know which one I prefer. T_T – But I make do.

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Once again… imcomplete internet data makes me keep track of films in here~ xD Sept. 4 –

WOW, it’s the end of the month O_o, geez Time flies by~~~ The following were on my list of latest buys of Region 3 from Hong Kong:

  • Kiraware Matsuko no Issho
  • Love Letter
  • Hoshi ni Natta Shounen
  • Swing Girls
  • Niji no Megami
  • RIRI SHUSHU (Lily Chou Chou) no Subete

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First a little about the film:
(from Wikipedia)
Shot in 2004, by Shunji Iwai about two girls [Hana (Suzuki) and Alice (Aoi)], and the stress placed on their friendship as they move into high school.

Genre: Dramedy (Drama/Comedy) [**NOTE: It’s a Drama with Comedy, so don’t expect huge laughs]
Starring: Yu Aoi, Anne Suzuki
Written and Directed by: Shunji Iwai
Duration: +2hrs

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WARNING: Possible extensive Usagi (Rabbit in Japanese) post ahead! – Of course I am talking about the Japanese or overall Asian style of posing for a photo. I’ve done it… I cannot escape, *looks at you* – You’ve done it too… ~~~~ I’m sure of it, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post in the first place.

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