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Sudden Yu Aoi Searches

September 20, 2009 — 5 Comments

There’s been a 500% (or even more, I suck at math) in Yu searches today. Like in the last minutes of last night, there was a sudden 1/4 rise in total visits, so I wondered. I have found nothing extraordinary, so if something has indeed happened regarding Yu, please leave a comment. LOL

In my search, I found two nifty stuffs~~~

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Yu Aoi and the Rest of 2009~~~

September 15, 2009 — 4 Comments

It’s hard to believe it’s almost the end of the year… only 3 proper months left!

Anyway! I was checking YesAsia stuffs and turns out Ikechan to Boku will be released this coming December 4th… sadly, no English subtitles listed. TuT So I’d figure we’d list what’s left of upcoming Yu related stuff (without counting magazine and CMs appearances because frankly those are hard to keep track of).

October 9th, 2009
NHK – Gakuya Presentation

October 15th, 2009
2009 Calendar Launch [][]

eh… Nov? xD

December 4th, 2009
Ikechan and Me DVD [R2, no subs] [YesAsia][][book]

It’s 35 films this year! Woohoo! Well, not much to celebrate since some of those were really REALLY bad, but they count for the movie countdown~~~
In the meantime, I’ve decided to put my list of Best 2001 films.

It was really difficult to choose some, as I seem to not have seen many 2001 films, so many of my nominees are the same as the Oscar, I feel. Remembering the films made me remember about the first time I actively waited for the Oscar. I mean, the event in itself was something I did, but that year was the year I said I’m gonna watch the Oscar to see who will win. American Beauty won that year, as did Kevin Spacey and The Matrix. 1999 Films, wow~~~ I was 13 going on 14.

Anyway~ without further ado~~~

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Sep 11

Pimp the Blog!

From time to time, I link back to Julz blog, even though most her postings are now locked. What’s up with that, Julz? xD Anyway, I think it’s time to pimp blogs from time to time because, well… some blogs have simply good taste.

So I’m here to PIMP murmure*

murmure* is a Japanese blog in Japanese – don’t worry, you can still try to read it with Google translate – that talks about some different things, among those things are 3 mighty fine topics~~~

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Yu Aoi’s Gakuya on NHK

September 11, 2009 — 1 Comment

Crap! And it’s not on NHK World Premium…

If you haven’t missed my past Yu posts, you’ll know that she worked on a play called Gakuya this past May and June. Well, Yu’s site was updated saying that Gakuya will be broadcast on NHK next month.

October 9th, 2009 at 10.30pm

get more Japanese info here.

There’s also some text saying that there will be some more info on Yu’s new 2010 Calendar, which looks kinda Hansel-y and Gretel-y… ja? Do you wanna know my opinion? Yu’s Message page has only been updated twice this year. Once with that cryptic message from Venezuela [part1][part2], and the other announcing Portugirl. Before those posts? There was a 2009 Calendar post. Am I complaining? Yes, I am. LOL

But damn, I can’t ever stay too mad.

They’ve also posted photos off-shoots from the So-En shoot.

Yu Aoi - So-En - Off-shoot

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