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I just made a gallery at Flickr on gender-bending photos~
can only add 18 pics though =(

some celebrity photos! LOL – check it out!


This is, obviously, a request post… as well as a filler post. xD

Basically, I’m kind of tired… and lazy to “try” to translate, what I don’t get.

So I’m asking anyone who has an understanding of Japanese, and has a small interest in Yu Aoi work to help us poor non-Japanese speakers with translations. There are all these bunch of scans out there, but none of them are translated or even commented on, so it’d be great to at least know what they talk about, right?

Then there’s the video interviews… and then there’s some of those projects that never see the light of fansub day. LOL – So I want fans to gather here, all translation credit would go to the people translating.

So just putting this out there…

Leave a message, I’ll get in touch with the email you leave on the form.

A regular person would have 8 or 9 films, on this video you’ll get to see clips for 27 films (though a few of those are just blink and miss them, or just a still). I’ve seen most but 6 films, I think. I’m still looking for 1980, and JUKAI.

Plus, this is the best way to choose what Yu film you wanna watch~ xD

check post tags for movie info. some missing because they’re not on this blog.
by the way, Ikechan looks sooooo weird. I wonder if the movie is any good.

Shameless Jay Chou plug here. I know Jay Chou has a very divisive, shall we call it fan front? There’s those who LURV him, and then there’s those who hate him, but let’s not talk about that.

I really dig his most Chinese-styled songs, and Fa Ru Xue seems to be one of my favorite Jay songs, the La Er La part at the end is my favorite hahaha. Anyway!

I found this most fascinating post on Yu’s hair. I mean, how can you begin to look away when the post begins with these words.

This is perhaps the most important blog entry you will read all year. With today’s entry, things really come to a head. No, it’s not about fictitious capital and its role in the current financial meltdown. It’s bigger than that. It’s about Aoi Yu’s hairline.

It is the most fascinating post on hair I’ve ever read, and it had to be courtesy of click opera.

Well, I don’t seem to have seen many films this time.
Hmm… I wonder why. I still haven’t made a countdown
of the music I’ve been listening to, so maybe I’ve been
busy with that. xD You know me, if I listen to much music,
I don’t have the time to watch many films, and if I read too
much, I don’t have the time to do either. LOL

So let’s begin… Continue Reading…