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Yu Aoi for FLOWERS

January 13, 2010 — 3 Comments

Is this a movie announcement?

Certainly feels like it, and turns out it’s just been published a few hours ago in a few blogs. According to this blog, and My First Gossip Blog. We’ve got info! YAY!

“Flowers” featuring Aoi Yuu (24), Suzuki Kyoka (41) , Takeuchi Yuko (29), Tanaka Rena (29), Nakama Yukie (30), Hirosue Ryoko (29) will be released on the 12th of June of this year. This star-studded cast will present a tale that will span 3 generations.

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If Only… Miao Miao

January 8, 2010 — 8 Comments

Posting one by one my 5 picks mixed with Acerk’s so he doesn’t get bored re-reading his entries.

Anyway, I invite all Yu fans to participate… you know, if you’re interested.

Please, no “I wish Yu could be in Avatar” – I beg you. LOL

Also… please, subscribe subscribe and take notice of the ad pimps.

5. Miao Miao

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If Only… April Story

January 7, 2010 — 4 Comments

by Acerk.

In my opinion, Yu’s had a pretty decent 10-year career. She’s been a supporting character more than I would prefer, but who cares, she’s still young and has a long way to go. Here are 5 movies that I wish she could have been in. I believe each film selected would have helped her career in one way or another.

5. April Story

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If Only… Yu Aoi Edition

January 6, 2010 — 2 Comments

During the holidays, I messaged Acerk about him collaborating on a series of posts about films that he would have liked Yu Aoi to be in. If Only is fairly simple.

You pick your subject, in our case Yu Aoi, and choose films that we would have loved to see her in. There’s just a few rules to the game, the subject needs to positively be right for the role. For example, as much as I could love Cate Blanchett on Elizabeth… Yu Aoi can NOT play her. LOL

Of course, there are work-arounds to your logic…

Like for example a 1999 film with a 20-something year old character. You could argue that Yu would be just a teen back then, but she could star in it now. Or a 2001 film about a girl in her late-teens… Yu was in her late teens.

Of course, the Elizabeth role would need to be a pretty awesome logic xD

Anyway, Acerk agreed, and this is his queue that he should send me something. I had my picks last week, but I lost them — soo… I had to try to remember them, but they turned out a little bit different. Hopefully better than my first picks. Definitely interesting choices.

If you (not Acerk, coz he’s already doing a set) are interested on making your OWN If Only assumptions, leave a comment stating it. Everyone is welcomed! Especially Yu Aoi fans.

What do you think about the idea?

These are our If Only picks~

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Yu Aoi 2010 Calendar

January 5, 2010 — 5 Comments

I wasn’t gonna post these — like I said, not a calendar person — , but ran into some okay scans,
so now I’m looking for all of them. If you have them, resolution of 560px wide or more
leave a link on the comments!

I can totally see Dutch Milk Maid… or Hansel & Gretel. Ja?

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