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I just got a sudden adrenaline rush.

Not only Shunji Iwai and Yu Aoi together…

ON A VAMPIRE FLICK… in an English-language project.


I’ll let Kevin from Nippon Cinema explain as I SPAZZ some more.

After spending the past few years screenwriting and producing, filmmaker Shunji Iwai (All About Lily Chou-Chou, Hana and Alice) is returning to the director’s chair for a yet-untitled English-language vampire drama to begin shooting in Vancouver this May. Currently, the only plot info available is that the story will involve a seemingly average young man who secretly craves blood and seeks out suicidal women on the internet. However, the women need to fall in love with him before he’s able to get the full pleasure of sucking the life out of them (yep, sounds like internet dating all right). Actresses Amanda Plummer and Yu Aoi are signed on as cast members.

FYI, Amanda Plummer played opposite Sarah Polley on Isabel Coixet’s My Life Without Me.

I am conflicted, Vancouver is Lainey’s territory… should we pimp Yu to Lainey and let her fall in love with her, so she posts about Yu papz while in town? LOL, though Yu in Vancouver is like… another Japanese girl. I probably would have had a heart attack if I had still been living in Vancouver.

Okay, this means I really REALLY need to finish my If Only.

Please, sweet baby geezus let this film be my dream project. LOL

This is Acerk’s last (and best) pick for Yu Aoi wishful thinking films. And I really did my best to stretch these picks as much as I could just to see if other fans would contribute their own.

There’s still time people!

1. Tokyo Trash Baby

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I haven’t read the Nodame manga series, but I sure am waiting for the last two movies, because I loved the live action adaptation. Also, Juri Ueno is the perfect Nodame!

Anyway, I’ll let Kawaii Joyuu do the explaining~

Actress Aoi Yu (24) or at least her voice is going to appear in the second “Nodame Cantabile” movie that is opening soon. They announced today that she is going to dub the young Hungarian woman Jadwi. Jadwi’s actual name is Jadwiga, meaning “mysterious sleeping beauty” and is a popular character in the original manga. She becomes a close friend of Nodame (Ueno Juri) and therefore one of the key characters in the second movie. Both of them meet at the music school they attend in Paris. Jadwi can play the theremin, the first ever electronic music instrument in the world. Her unique character and unique instrument eventually helps Nodame enjoying music again, after she got separated from her beloved piano.

Jadwi has a very fluffy personality. Aoi actually would be the perfect actress for the role, even Ueno already noticed that. “She has a fairy-like, very mysterious aura surrounding her, almost like Aoi Yuu,” she said. There were plans to transform Aoi into a foreign girl with the help of make-up, but who knows how that would look like in the end. Now they have a French actress playing that role and Aoi dubbing her in Japanese. “There would be no better person for this,” Ueno commented after hearing that Aoi got confirmed for the voice cast.

I have often talked about Yu’s voice acting, and her different voices. She’s got her regular voice lower and sort of as-a-matter-of-fact, and then there’s also her sponsoring voice which is high and chirpy. But she’s also done a lot of cute voice, and you also know I prefer Yu when she’s not cute… even though I can’t deny that she’s cute, and that makes you smile nonetheless. This is why Juri’s remarks on Yu’s fairy-like qualities is fascinating.

Anyway, for those Yu Aoi fans that have not seen Nodame Cantabile – it’s just a blast. I mean, the first couple of episodes are something to get used to for the wacky and over-the-top qualities [mind you, I had just gotten into J-entertainment back then], but once you get into it, it’s so SO funny. Part of the funny behind the casting of Yu as the dubbing for a Hungarian character is hilariously and bluntly pointed out on the first Nodame Europe Special.

Now there’s more reason to watch Nodame Cantabile Movie 2! xD

Acerk made a great find last night, in case none of you had seen it. It’s a Making-of clip of Don’t Laugh at my Romance. The clip includes a Table Reading, which is the session where the cast, director, writers and producers (or other members of the crew) sit around a table to read the script out loud.

There’s also a brief Yoga session, which reminded me of my acting classes.

And Shugo and Yu are so funny.


Just started this.

My Fake Criterion Collection