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Okay… did anyone else had troubles getting the feed? I was using my Chrome, and switched to Firefox… and even dared to open the crummy Explorer. I checked if my plugins were updated (they were), and I even downloaded the newest version of Java – which I usually avoid.

Still, all I got was the red loading.

I know it’s not only me, because I saw a ton of messages, but I wonder why it was such a bust. I mean, a lot of other people do live streams fine. Last night I had a fine experience at NPR and the Jonsi concert. Why do Vevo and YouTube need to make such a fuzz with technology?

I gave up after trying to get the feed for 30min. 30 MIN!!!!!

My dad thought it funny I find cover versions of the Beatles, so we ended up finding a few in Japanese, but this one coming from Malaysian singer Maggie Wong & the Jungle Lynxs sounds super fun!

Plus, Connie Chan~

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Oh man, this is one of the last silly films I actually laugh with. I don’t know what is it about Zoolander, and its silly humor, but it still makes me laugh more than anything Jude Apatow has come up with [40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up]… or even Sacha Baron Cohen with Borat or Bruno.

Yup, yup – Zoolander still cracks me up… and Mugatu. OMG, MUGATU~ and Katinka Ingabogovinanana [omg, the way Will Ferrell introduces Milla Jovovich there kills me]. What is THIS! A CENTER FOR ANTS!?!?!? and Hansel, he’s so hot right now~ AND!!! Orange Mocha Frappuccino!!!!!! Wake me up before you go-go! xD

Turns out BeeTV has a YouTube Channel.

And they have the first episode (lasting nearly 5min.), but it was uploaded in March – possibly right after mobile broadcast – but other episodes haven’t been uploaded since then.
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Frak You, Sony BMG

July 12, 2010 — 2 Comments

I’m tired of you, and your region restriction.

It’s not only in your channel, but also any channel with artists you signed on? Or any video that has music of your artists? And then you fraking wonder why I get my stuff somewhere else…


It’s not only that you monopolize Michael Jackson… Christina Aguilera, and even Pink, I think and all the other pop acts because… let’s face it, all the record companies have merged into one big butt family with the likes of Arista, LaFace, Jive, J Records, etc etc. You also monopolize Wang Lee Hom’s videos. So Sony BMG, YOU SUCK.