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So… you probably should know Marit Larsen’s music video and song for Under the Surface to find this funnier.

Always the same old problem… I was reading about the new, so I visited to test. However, the same with Hulu… other streaming sites and even YouTube, content restrictions. - Not in your Region

And this is why illegal viewing can’t still be overcome.

The other day my friend sent me the Robyn – Cobrastyle link on YouTube, but it turns out that I can’t view any of Robyn’s official video releases, I also couldn’t view the Lady Gaga official releases – I could understand the content restriction on the shows YouTube is showing, but can’t see the point in making music available by regions… bloody stupid.

This is why illegal viewing will continue growing. If you don’t let people see your video due to content region restriction, they will look somewhere else…

Because I did. Malditos promotores! How on earth am I supposed to find out people are coming if you don’t bombard me with printed stuff on magazines, newspapers, cable commercials, or even a pityful data addition at Eventful. Continue Reading…

We (meaning me) interrupt your Olympic and Photobooks posts (finally) to report that Korean-American comedian Margaret Cho’s VH1 reality show, The Cho Show, will be premiering next week on VH1 (America, obviously… I’ll just have to find it online), Thursdays at 11pm.

Lucky for us… has a full ‘sneak peek’ of the first episode, Korean of the Year, where Cho battles the idea of accepting or not the award of Korean of the Year… The episode is divided into 4 parts, no commercial breaks~~~ I think the parts I laughed the most were Part 3 and 4.

If you don’t know who Margaret Cho is, what the hell is wrong with you? xD Cho is one of the funniest people I’ve heard, though her humor might not be for everyone… she’s funny once you get used to. I first discovered her by watching a YouTube link to her comedy act, I’m the One that I Want ~~~ xD

I just love Margaret’s parents~~~ and her imitation of her mother! xD


I am in desperate search of the following former YouTube user: buffycaz

If you have any idea who he/she is, the whereabouts, contact info… or anything. Let me know!

And, if you are buffycaz – MY GOD! I have been dying since your YouTube account got removed, and the video “bunnies!” got deleted. CRUSHED. Do you happen to have that video of Anya featuring Ballroom Blitz by Sweet? I would love you forever if you send me the video.