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What’s Up Vevo?

February 8, 2010 — Leave a comment

First, WTF is Vevo, right?

Unless you’ve been looking for a music video by an artist sign by one of the few record companies that have signed deals with Vevo, chances are you haven’t even seen the Vevo logo.

Vevo started out with a celebrity packed opening, yet bumpy. Some of the musicians that day were Lady Gaga, Rhianna, Mariah, Taylor Swift, and even Justin Timberlake… but nobody cares if your platform is buggy. Users complained of slow “buffering” times, wondering why it was buffering instead of streaming. International users were shown a big splash saying they couldn’t use Vevo because it was only for US residents, however, some US users were also given the big splash for no apparent reason.

In short, very few people like Vevo for one reason or the other.

Some can’t use it, some others hate the waiting, others hate the buggy player, others hate the loading time, others (those who get to use it) hate the music collection… you know, since there are no indie labels.

Then, YouTube began using specific Vevo links, which seems to work for non-US users. However, loading times are still an issue. Add to that that it seems to be very random when it decides to not let non-US users watch videos. For example, I can watch some videos on my WinXP computer, but I can’t wtch them on the Vista I’ve got at home. Both are same location, and same internet connection. What gives?

Vevo: What’s the Deal
5 Tips to Make Vevo Better

Add to that International viewing.

If you liked Up… or if you didn’t, this track/MV mixed by YouTube user Pogo is still awesome. Mixed from the chords, bass notes and vocal samples of the film, only for our enjoyment!

check out Pogo’s Alohomora. Makes me want to pop my Harry Potter DVDs. LOL

In 2006, when she began promotion of her debut Under the Surface, she released a simple video for the song with the same title, which wasn’t really WOW but promoted the song well. Turns out, since her starting promotion of her music in Germany, they made a new version of Under the Surface…

and they also released a proper video for If a Song Could Get me You~~~
comes with Making Of an all~~~ Marit’s so cute.
Wonder if under all that cuteness, there’s a strong Scandinavian character.
What you say Julz?
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Itoh Tube and Yu Aoi?

December 4, 2009 — 2 Comments

I have no idea abut this, but I ran into this story from Walkerplus~

As most fans know, Yu Aoi is represented by Itoh Company — whatever their actual reputation is — and here comes a story with the title “Itoh Tube leaking Voyeuristic Videos of Popular Actresses!?” WHAT? I hope that by “Voyeuristic” in Kanji, they mean “insightful” otherwise… WHAT? LOL

From what I could gather… meaning from what makes sense on the Google Translate. It seems like Itoh Company is re-vamping their YouTube Account (because prior to these random releases, their channel was rubbish) by creating a sort of a series featuring their signed artists… including Yu. It seems like those VH1 “Diary of…” where they followed x singer/group while they were preparing a concert, etc. It’s supposed to be going into the life of x idol while they go about their business and personal life… I think.

Here’s Yu’s Itoh Tube space. There’s two videos at the moment — one of Yu’s Itoh Channel intro and her own intro *minna-san, aoi yuu desu* xD and a short Making of the latest dancing Kirin CM. I only understood, “It’s been a while since you last dance” or something like that.

I’m impressed at how she manages to change her voice when talking and sponsoring. One seems very serious and even very grown-up, and then she goes on her “work voice” totally high and chirpy. Like two different people. LOL

What you think?

I get it, social media is hot right now.

I’ve seen it working… sometimes, but I’ve also seen it rendered pretty useless.

I know the importance of Social Media for up and coming stars, and I’m all for them having Twitter accounts, Facebook Groups, MySpace accounts, etc. Even if I think creating your OWN Facebook Fan Page is a bit lame. I mean it. It’s called a fan page for something. It’s meant to be handle by fans, not you.

It’s like creating your own Fan Site. I really like it when stars work with their fans on their fansites, but don’t open a website and call it a Fansite. Call it Star Name Official, but not a Fansite. Just saying.

I understand the importance of Social Media and the rise of some people, especially independent artists. I actually think it works great. But I don’t suggest all my clients getting Social Media accounts, especially if these clients are already well established people and pride themselves for their traditional values and their quality.

Off-topic example, Bjork’s a great performer. She’s a visually stunning artists, and she’s well respected. She’s got a very useful website with great info and media material from photos, videos, tour info, etc. Perfect website, but her Twitter is pretty… not… useful. Her MySpace is okay-ish… and her YouTube account should be useful (even if YouTube deletes some of the stuff, WTF right?), but her Twitter is kind of a waste. Probably just because her label requires her to get a Twitter account.

Bjork doesn’t need to talk to us about her project, I think she just wants to live her life normally without people fawning over her whenever they see her, so she doesn’t need to have # of Followers trying to send her tweets about what she had for dinner, or telling her how ROCKING she is.

On the other hand there’s Tom Cruise. He’s got more than 100k Following him, but it’s only the webmaster talking. Again, why? Because Tom Cruise doesn’t really need a Twitter account, but he wants to be hip (he’s management requires him now?) so he gets his official Tom Cruise Twitter account.

So yes, Social Media is okay, but not everyone needs to get into it.

It’s hard when all clients go to you telling you “I need to get into Facebook/Twitter” and when you ask, “Sure, what do you plan to make with it?” They only tell you “I don’t care. I just need to get into it.” Please, don’t make me waste my time. If you’re going to do this, you’d better do it right. You hire a Social Media team, and you get them to work it. I ain’t gonna be handling those for free.

I have already talked about this whole Social Media with Julz when she went to Japan, and I told her how I would use a Twitter account, but I don’t feel like I need an account now. Many of my friends do, but most of them just have it laying around there. Funny thing is, all of them are designers.

btw, I do love Fictitious characters tweets. LOL
As long as they are funny. I still wanna work on that Twittermovie.
Anyone would be interested? I’ve got too many projects lying around.
And I need cash. <- this is a plea for Ad revenues.