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Well, I was surfing through Flickr Yu tags, and ended up with a bunch of people who have attended Yu’s 3D Exhibit — someone, namely me is very jealous — ;P

Credits and big thank you’s (and evil eyes~~~ xD) go to inucara, and himohu.

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It seems Yu died and went to heaven. LOL

It’s her in a pastry shop! And a new movie announcement!!

Yogashiten Coin de Rue (洋菓子店コアンドル) [KOAN DA RU] – seriously, why the Katakana? – was shot last year between October and December, and post-production will be completed this month for a possible release by the end of the year.

Starring alongside Yosuke Eguchi, and directed by Yoshihiro Fukagawa, it tells the story… hmm, I’ll let Nippon Cinema explain much better than I can.

Eguchi will play Tomura, a legendary pastry chef who was renowned for his sweets before suddenly dropping out of industry circles. Aoi will play a cake-maker’s daughter who traveled from Kagoshima to Tokyo to chase after a boyfriend. She gets a job at a popular Tokyo shop called “Pastry Coin de Rue” where Tomura is a regular customer. Through their interactions she experiences personal growth, eventually learning the importance of enjoying life and not abandoning your dreams.

Wow, how many projects it is now?