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I know Glee has much MUCH more budget than Popular ever did, so we are judging on funny. Sure, Glee doesn’t make up songs, but still it’s great when they don’t take themselves too serious. Though, I am a sucker for their Keep Holding On, even if I really disliked the Avril Lavigne version one. Also their My Life Would Suck Without You – you know what I think of Kelly Clarkson’s music. Meh.

So I was looking for a funny Glee performance… I was gonna choose Sex You Up, but I thought the kids should fight it off with the cast of Popular. Bring it!

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Bring it!

Who does it better?

Mirume/En-chan? or Domoto/En-chan?

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November 18, 2009 — 1 Comment

I found these shots of Anne Hathaway taken by Yu Tsai


Cute, but you gotta see the ones with Eva Green — photographer, I dunno.
You know? Well, let me know then…

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Quick write up. Wow! It’s December already! I just read Marion Cotillard has been nominated for Best Actress at the Satellite awards, and Emmanuelle Seigner who co-starred with her as Titine has been nominated as Supporting Actress

Emmanuelle Seigner looks like an older version of Carly Pope, non?


IMDb changed it’s image gallery, and photos are gone. Plus, I don’t think they liked me linking to their files~ Here are some photos, though I couldn’t find the same pictures I previously showed.