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So I was trying out some of Da Mouth’s music — some electro-ish hip-pop music quartet from Taiwan — and like I always do, I began listening to their official discography from their first album. It was all fine until I reached the song I Just Like You (我就是喜歡你), which began bothering me. A LOT.

My brain immediately connected it to Namie Amuro’s Girl Talk. And I don’t even like Namie Amuro — but at least I don’t hate her any longer. I had previously said that Girl Talk, released in 2004, reminded me a LOT of Janet Jackson’s Doesn’t Really Matter, released in 2000 [1]. However, this Da Mouth single, released after 2007, reminds me too much of Namie Amuro.

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I don’t think it’s a secret that I’ve watched Sunny a lot of times since I first saw it. However, besides catching me singing to Boney M’s Sunny [1] — which both my parents are also doing just because they caught it on the background and got stuck with the song.

Actually, I’m lying – my dad has seen Sunny three times already. He loves it.

Anyway, besides singing that… and Tuck & Patti’s Time After Time and all the other songs, I’ve gotten a knack for singing NaMi’s Round and Round (빙글 빙글) just because of that infectious “bingeul bingeul” in the song. LOL

Even better! There’s a wonderful old-school vs. Sunny version mash-up!

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I think this might turn into a new feature xD

So I was checking YouTube uploads as I do now to see what to post on YAM Magazine, and saw this new Avex upload of MinxZone, whom I’ve never heard of. The intro (after the text) is kinda cool with the literal Paper Piano (the song title is Kami PIANO 紙ピアノ), but I thought it sounded familiar. Funny to find that one of the comments in it was the same.

See for yourself~

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I grew up with a song by Vico C called Me Acuerdo, which was on constant rotation those days when we still listened to the radio. I listen to that song, and I immediately think of those days.

So when clicking on the video for Ken the 390 titled 壊れやすいもの (Koware Yasui Mono) – Breakable, it brought me back to that song. Must be the male vocal, the slow hip hop thing, and the female backing vocals.
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So you know I don’t worship Janet Jackson. Okay, maybe a little.

Okay, now that THAT is out of the way. I was reading that Namie Amuro topped the random polls of “female singer with the best dancing skills“, ahead of BoA… who barely made the list. I thought to myself “Wow, she must really be something”. Because even if I don’t appreciate BoA for all her BoA-ness, I thought she totally killed it with her video of Eat You Up (even if the lyrics are pretty rubbish).

So this is my total non-biased opinion.

I YouTubed Namie Amuro, and  came up with THIS performance for Girl Talk, which has over 100k views. Totally NOT impressed with the dancing. But something else called my attention.

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