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I just posted YAM 003 over at my portfolio~~

There’s a lot of international flavor in it… all by chance actually. It really wasn’t planned, it all just came together like that. There’s a couple of rant articles on movies and music, loads of reviews including complete non-fanatical reviews of Ao Akua, Utada Hikaru, DBSK, Hathaways, U2, Madeleine Peyroux, and Michel Gondry/Bong Joon-ho’s Yu Aoi’s Tokyo!

ALSO! A special on the Peruvian film winning the Berlinale’s Golden Bear top prize~~ The Milk of Sorrow, and some of the discussion regarding the original name “La Teta Asustada”.

YAM - Issue 3

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Kobe Collection - Juri Ueno - Aug 2008xD Oh yesh, they do~~~

Now that Olympics are over, I can slowly return to my current obsessions… so I stopped by the forums, and *le gasp!* How did I not find out about this sooner????

Juri-chan won Best Supporting Actress at the 57th Japanese Drama Academy Awards.


Also, seems like Last Friends swept awards by winning Best Supporting Actor for Ryo Nishikido (WTF? I need some Eita lovin’), Best Directors, Best Script, Best Drama, and BEST THEME SONG~~~

Go Utada Hikaru!!! Hope you have a fun party with Kuma-chan xD

You can read a little bit more about the results in the Juri Ueno Live Journal Community. They also have the awesome photos of Juri’s last public apperance at the Kobe Collection, which happened yesterday in Japan… just click over here.

RASUTO FURENZU’s Orignial Soundtrack was released like 4 days ago! It includes the drool-inducing version of the Main Theme, Prisoner of Love, in its Quiet Instrumental Piano version. The Utada Hikaru single of the song includes 4 tracks, which include the regular version, the Quiet Version, and both tracks on Karaoke Version. However, the Quiet Instrumental Piano Version on the OST is the best! Because it’s on the show, duh!

Original music for a show? American TV shows ask. Yes, most of the tracks on this OST are instrumental pieces, unlike Western shows which oftentimes use hand-picked from a handful of artists, who are willing to license their music for cheap. Not complaining much of it, because some are great… but this TV soundtrack makes it more especial, non?

You can buy the OST on – Leave ya with the drool-inducing Instrumental Piano version of Prisoner of Love. [here a couple more tracks]

As my obsession with Last Friends has surface in the past days (yes, that includes lurk into discussion boards), I have decided to make a new music post, even though it’s only been barely 10 days since my last music post. What does that mean? It means that all I’m about to post is what I have been listening in the past 10 days. LOL’

Romaji lyrics to Prisoner of Love by Utada Hikaru (Theme of Last Friends) posted thanks to flyingcrispi! Translation included in their post~~

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