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Coming from an article over at Wildgrounds

What is this “super dub“? In fact, they’re trying to make the translation sounds more natural in Japanese.

what were you attempting with Super Dubbing to deal with this difference?
For example, Leonardo de Caprio, who plays Teddy, faces a woman working in the hospital and asks, “Were you a nurse?” If you change this to natural Japanese, just saying “Kankoshi?” However, in English when you say “Were you a nurse?” your lips move three times.

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Ohisashiburi desu. Like… really.

皆様 お久しぶりです。 アオイユウです。

暖かくなったり 雪が降ったり

体調など 崩されていませんか。

先日 私も出演させていただいている映画

観てくださった方 ありがとうございます。

皆様くれぐれも お身体ご自愛ください。


2010.2 アオイユウ

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The video is pretty disappointingly average,
but the song is quite good. =)

This is, obviously, a request post… as well as a filler post. xD

Basically, I’m kind of tired… and lazy to “try” to translate, what I don’t get.

So I’m asking anyone who has an understanding of Japanese, and has a small interest in Yu Aoi work to help us poor non-Japanese speakers with translations. There are all these bunch of scans out there, but none of them are translated or even commented on, so it’d be great to at least know what they talk about, right?

Then there’s the video interviews… and then there’s some of those projects that never see the light of fansub day. LOL – So I want fans to gather here, all translation credit would go to the people translating.

So just putting this out there…

Leave a message, I’ll get in touch with the email you leave on the form.

Continuing with the Multilanguage dubbing~~~
Something reminded me of Winnie the Pooh,
and I ended up finding a bunch of clips in different languages.

My big cousin was a Winnie the Pooh fan.
I bet he still has his teddy. xD
Don’t you, Bruce?

That’s the original intro in English, but check out some of the other versions in Spanish, Swedish and even Japanese…

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