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Everything I know or get from product photography, I “got” as a kid watching Discovery Kids when they showed a clip of how the photoshoot for a sandwich – complete with pinned-lettuce, strategically placed ketchup, soaking-wet cheese, raw-yet-well-done-cold burger and silicon-sprayed buns – and of course~ the ice-cream cup which was filled with silicon squares, and a some other squishy-plastic-like product… so the ice-cream wouldn’t melt, you know?

I also did some “product shooting” in my school days, but really… wasn’t my thing.

But look at this! It’s almost so SO real, except the fries… but still.

Is product shooting going extinct?

Well… ‘interactive’ almost haha

Hmm… two weeks ago, in fact~~~ On February 25th, I was watching NHK and saw this pretty awesome segment where they showed this JDrama that you could put your face into, the second segment mentioned a new for of ‘karaoke’ to voice-over anime~~~ To tell you the truth, I found it hilarious!

Anyway, I was trying to find some info on it, but since my Japanese is so limited I couldn’t really google anything. Luckily, I was watching NHK this afternoon and recognized the hosts, so I could go to the show’s website and find out. And so I did!

The first segment is Sangwoo & my Story – obviously a romantic JDrama aimed at women who want to put their face into the protagonist body. LOL’ You literally scan your face, and they will make it all digital and moveable… they will even give u a digital surgery so your face is not wonky xD ~~~ Then they just paste your digi-most-improved-face onto the body of the person playing the lead, make your digi-mouth move at the proper sync and you got yourself into your love story JDrama. You buy it on DVD, go home to watch yourself on screen with your Asian hunk.

Sangwoo & my Story - Face Scan and Tweak

Pretty amazing stuff, really… even if it’s kind of weird. Can’t possibly imagine what the porn industry could do with that… LOL – Can you?


The second segment was a feature on – who have released a type of Karaoke machine to dub anime, so otakus can go… knowing all their favorite anime lines, begin recording with a passion, and then watch their masterful over-dubbing~~~ Funny stuff considering I could sit with my friend and play Harry Potter PoA while watching the film~~~ I find this one more funny, than impressive though… The above ABOVE idea was crazy.

Now, if all dramas could be like that~~~ let’s start with Japan. Can you imagine being in Nodame? Or Osen??? Can you imagine put your face into Eita’s body and get to hug Juri playing Ruka. LOL Can you imagine that in a western show… or I mean, your favorite American or English show?

I know a few that will probably considering being on FRIENDS… Well, I know many will likely do the karaoke-voice-over thing with it anyway.

Availability in all regions, cross-platform… ubiquitous movies, music… even books, if possible~ x’D Well, maybe I’m going too far with the books, since there’s a base of language and there’d be THAT barrier, but you get my point, right?

For instance, I can’t really remember when was the last time I went to watch a film at the movies, because I either:

  • Have already seen it on DVD
  • Have already waited months for it to be released, and have already lost interest
  • Have never been interested in it

So Amy supports world premieres because she’s impatient. Also, I would fully suport Paypal if they were available in Peru, but no~ They do not support accounts in Peru (That’s why I opened one when I was in Canada). Moreover, I would support other online stores (eg. mp3 stores) but they have region restrictions… some more annoying than others. One of the most annoying is the ‘billing address’ issue… even if I have a Canadian credit card, I would not be able to use their service because I don’t have a physical Canadian address anymore… WHILE I am still able to buy a physical album and ship it here for more or less the same amount of money.

I was also ready to buy shows through BitTorrent, but they support US Only – they ARE nice and professional enough to point it out below the “buy” button, so they won’t waste your time as you try to sign up for a new account there… to then find out you don’t have the right ISP, or you can’t add your credit card, or SORRY, THIS CONTENT IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN SUCH REGION. Ever happened?

So I’m all for movies and music available everywhere at the same time. And you?

Time to blog the secret pinyin tool!

About two months ago, I found the nifties Japanese tool… an add-on called Rikaichan. Well, last night, when I was trying to look for the lyrics for the Olympic Song and ended up finding nothing~~ I searched for a tool that works just like Rikaichan, but for Chinese.

It’s called Perapera-kun by Justin Kovalchuk, and works just exactly like Rikaichan~~~ And it’s so easy to get! You only head over to the Firefox site (just click on the link over there), and add it. Of course, hoping that you are using Firefox~~~ And if you’re not, what the heck are you waiting for??? You don’t even need to add any dictionaries, but it works fine… I haven’t tried it with names or hard articles, but it’s still a helpful tool… I wonder how good it is with names~~~

National Geographic article here.

I wonder if Nat Geo Latin America will broadcast Live… coz I wanna see on my tv. Anyway, there’s also a link where you can watch the webcast (here, I think) – You’ll need Quicktime.

Concert begins at 7pm-12 Reykjavik, Iceland GMT time… meaning GMT -5 in Peru Time, 2pm