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Sharing this on the YAM 2011 LGBT Blogathon~

I love complicated post titles.

AfterElton has just begun their voting for their 2010 poll of 50 Greatest Gay Movies. Plus, in honor of the first week run of Contracorriente (Undertow) on Peruvian cinemas, I’ve made a list of 10 LGBT related films that not many people may have heard about or seen… so these films need your voting. *cough*

And since AfterEllen is dropping the ball on this one — I was pretty sure they were doing polls on Lesbian movies, but oh well~

I am mixing it all up. Because I’m like that.

Look, I love Brokeback Mountain, I love Milk, and I certainly LOVED A Single Man last year. Some of my favorites are Were the World Mine, Show Me Love, Imagine Me & You, and I liked Love Songs as much as — or maybe even more — than you did, but this is about not so popular LGBT flare. There’s also a lot of foreign films because they certainly don’t get major distribution – so thank you, Internet.

Also, don’t forget to vote for Undertow! xD

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Women in Boy Style

August 23, 2010 — 1 Comment

Hi, AfterEllen has a post on women in Boy Style. Ahhh Boy Style [1],  I gotta admit dude… wearing slacks and shirts, it’s just so much more comfy than having to wear some dress with high heels.

And yes, Christina Hendricks is pretty awesome.

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YAM011 is READYYY!!!

August 15, 2010 — Leave a comment

I just spent nearly 2hrs. posting this somewhere else, and I still need to email everyone. LOL

Without further ado,


This is the theme for Leehom Wang’s directorial debut Love in Disguise, premiering August Thursday 12th, right on time for the debut of his new album 18 Martial Arts… which I am already pre-ordering (plus, re-packaged Jing Chang’s album xD and other stuff from YesAsia… thankyouverymuch).

I feel the MV spoils the film though, but that’s just me. The song’s good, though.

5th single already? If you paid attention, I posted Jing Chang’s 4th single just a week ago.

Otherwise known as 義氣 (Yi Qi), referring to the spirit of loyalty and self-sacrifice. Aiya They Didn’t is reporting Jing Chang will be releasing a re-packaged album by the end of the week (Aug. 13th), which will include:

  • 6 music videos [4 singles + Loyalty + 不再聯絡 (Bu Zai Lian Luo) – Lose Contact]
  • a Loyalty commemoration poster
  • a Mending card [is this Hao Le?]
  • and a birthday party invitation (????) xD

Not sure why this is a 5th single, since it’s not included in the copy I’ve listened of The Opposite Me, but it’s kind of a nice rock/dance song. Kinda weird… but I could dig.

I’m considering purchasing this re-packaged album. Seems like a good deal.