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According to this Aiya They Didn’t post, Elva Hsiao’s latest single Rang Ai Fei Qi Lai (Let Love Fly) music video was deemed PG-12 in Taiwan, and banned in Singapore — understandable being a Muslim state and all — due to it’s gay “themes”.

The video comes in two versions, the Ice Version and the Rainbow Version – but no! The Rainbow Version is not the one deemed… er, inappropriate. It’s the Ice Version. Because it’s got the “gays” people holding hands! Eek! No, seriously guys… ironically, the gayest suggestive Rainbow version with tons of guys semi-nakedness frolicking in a pool filled with peen- er, I mean foam and some straight couple kissing just got passed Muslim censors.

If I were a censor, I would have gone with the hand-holding and avoid the gay pool with foam. But to each his own – that’s just me and my mind is in the gutter.

As for the song, and the actual Ice Version. I… don’t really like the song, but it’s so damn catchy – actually listened to it more than 5 times already. Plus, I guess it’s got a good message of love for everyone! And the video is kinda classy for a gay/lesbian pop music video.

I already pimped this to AfterEllen and AfterElton – I hope they pick up xD

I can feel it in the air. Award season is approaching. I think Indie Spirit Awards are also done with submissions, and their nominations should arrive come early December.

In the meantime, the Academy Awards has released the list of the 65 countries (or not-countries… Greenland?) that will be competing for 5 spots as “Best Foreign” nominees, as well as their 8 short documentaries.

Here are some of the reviews of the ones I’ve seen.

Let’s talk wild guess predictions in here. Which countries will be the 5 chosen ones?

Mexico’s Biutiful seems like an easy assumption.

China’s Aftershocks seems to be a good candidate for several reasons besides “film”. Whatever your thoughts on melodrama are, I mean… you really need to be a sour grape not to feel something for the family in that film. Either that, or you’ve never been in a natural disaster. Having said that, it is because it’s a melodrama that it’s perfect for Oscar. Moving family drama that deals with catastrophe with a really powerful and magnificently handled Earthquake scene that was a box office hit in China. It’s just good business.

Also, China being nominated is controversial. Anything to do with China since 2008 is controversial. Controversial always brings ratings. Also nominating China is just plain good business. If China gets nominated – I dunno, what are the chances of some state channel broadcasting the Oscar? Just imaging 2/3 of China’s internet population watches the Oscar that night. That’s 200 million viewers. Anything in China is big.

If there’s no China, it must be another cheese movie… like South Korea’s A Barefoot Dream. An underdog story of a kiddie football team and a coach. It shall make you feel happy xD

Canada’s Incendies?

and… I dunno what else. Peru’s chances? From what I have seen, and what I’ve heard. It could very well get into the nine before they select the final five. I’ll have a better grasp once the 9 are out xD

LOL it reached over 70 comments in just a few hours. It was crazy coming back home and seeing my inbox filled with LiveJournal replies. And here it is, the old article on YAM008 “Where is the CPop Scene Going?”

Check out the LJ discussion here.

Moi et le funky musique~~~

October 3, 2010 — 1 Comment

So… today it’s voting Sunday. And I’ve also setup my About page… and got rid of my Favorites page because… well, it seemed redundant to have two pages about me. LOL

In case you missed the post in which I talked about my taste in film, this is a similar post that talks about my history… or lack of history with music.

When I was about 7, my dad opened a Karaoke bar (how Asian, non?). But by then, I had already grown up with the likes of the music of La Nueva Ola (the new wave) — you know, the type of Rock n’ Roll from The King… Jailhouse Rock or Houndog but in Spanish. My favorite tunes were probably La Plaga (the plage, the Spanish version of Little Richard’s Good Golly, Miss Molly), and La Mantequilla (the butter, the Spanish version of Cliff Richard and the Shadows’ Move It).

Of course, I was a little kid going to Chinese/Peruvian school, so my repertoire also included the Cantonese Counting Song Yat Yi Sam, as well as the counting Elefantes song… as well as the Sukiyaki song. So from the very beginning… I had a predisposition for all types of music in many different languages.
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I was waiting for the official Leehom upload. UMPH.

There’s nothing wrong with some groping in artsy black and white.

Check out the YouTube version, though it might be blocked by Sony in your country.

I don’t know if anyone’s noticed this, but Leehom’s been looking ageless for a few years now. Of course, you can attribute this to the Asian genes – you know we Asians look ageless… at least until we hit 60, or so Lainey says. I am waiting for my aunt to turn 60 in a couple of years, and test her theory.

I met my friend after year and a half, with her new beau. Me and her beau are the same age, and she’s a bit younger – he asked, how old I was and we figured we were the same age to which my friend said “she doesn’t seem her age, does she?” I still get carded, and last time I renew my ID, the woman there asked me whether I was getting a new ID or a minor’s ID. LOL

And alas~~~ I read Lee Hom says he prefers older women, so my cousin has better chances xD