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YesAsia keyword alerts suck. LOL

CatchPlay Taiwan has released One Million Yen Girl with English Subtitles on Region 3, if anyone is interested. I will wait a month or so, in case a Hong Kong version shows up — though both would be Region 3 DVDs. In any case, I need to make a bigger order if I want to get it.

If you enjoyed One Million Yen Girl, you should buy the film =D

you know, to support Yu’s career, and that whole “she can carry a film on her own” concept.

Plus, it’s English subs, man!!! You need to be supporting Yu Aoi English Subbed projects~

Minna! Great news, yo!

First, Juri Ueno and the 5 Bags begins in less than 20hrs with the 1st episode titled “GITA~ KE~SU no Onna” (Her Guitar Case) or in this case… Guitar Case Girl, directed by Hideta Takahata who also directed Chapter 2 of WOWOW’s Camouflage with Yu Aoi. xD

Greatest news? Someone will be fansubbing this. YAY!!
A big hooray for!!! Hooray!!

Can I beg and grovel for Camouflage subs, Viikii??? xD

Thank you, IFC Films =D
Kore-eda’s Still Walking is a beautiful BEAUTIFUL! Film.
Slow-paced, beautifully acted…
and quite heart-breaking~~~

Plus, Hiroshi Abe is hot. LOL

I posted this a while ago.

Now I found out that there’s a Hong Kong version – VCD and DVD Region 3 – with subs (sadly no extras), which I’ve decided to purchase. I would’ve chosen the Taiwan Free region edition, but I decided to get the HK version instead because I had found other product reviews for the releasing company, and I couldn’t find anything on the Taiwan company.

DVD reviewers, please review the DVD and not the movie!

In any case, I will be reviewing the product once I get my hands on it.

Also on my order? Bibi’s Time – China version which includes a Bibi Photobook and DVD!!!
ZOMG! I had to get it… short PB with album with dvd! Less than $20!
I couldn’t resist…

I will be reviewing that too.

Los Abrazos Rotos!
Me wants to watch…

I’m not much of an Almodovar watcher, but something about the project interested me. I’m thinking it’s the title of the film, it has a nice ring to it. xD – Plus, I’ve learned that Spanish Penelope PAWNS.