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RASUTO FURENZU’s Orignial Soundtrack was released like 4 days ago! It includes the drool-inducing version of the Main Theme, Prisoner of Love, in its Quiet Instrumental Piano version. The Utada Hikaru single of the song includes 4 tracks, which include the regular version, the Quiet Version, and both tracks on Karaoke Version. However, the Quiet Instrumental Piano Version on the OST is the best! Because it’s on the show, duh!

Original music for a show? American TV shows ask. Yes, most of the tracks on this OST are instrumental pieces, unlike Western shows which oftentimes use hand-picked from a handful of artists, who are willing to license their music for cheap. Not complaining much of it, because some are great… but this TV soundtrack makes it more especial, non?

You can buy the OST on – Leave ya with the drool-inducing Instrumental Piano version of Prisoner of Love. [here a couple more tracks]

Just been having too much fun singing these Hawaiian lyrics, so I’d better just post the lyrics here. LOL’ Has any of you tried singing in Hawaiian? Pronunciation is pretty much like in Japanese when you read Romaji, I think… You know like “Mahalo”, which is for thanking would be pronounced MAH-HA-LO, HA as in Japanese “Hajimemashite” and MAH as in “Matsuri”… I guess it’s way easier for Spanish speakers because our vowels A-E-I-O-U sound exactly the same, unlike English.

The only difference I’ve noticed is “W” which is pronounced like “V”, I think… oh, and all those apostrophes hahaha. Anyway, I leave you with the lyrics for He Mele No Lilo and Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride.

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Okay, just saw the film and have been trying to find the lyrics, but no such luck for me. Help?

  1. De Bonnes Raisons
  2. Inventaire
  3. La Bastille
  4. Je n’aime que Toi
  5. Brooklyn Bridge
  6. Delta Charlie Delta
  7. Il Faut se Taire
  8. As-tu Déjà Aimé?
  9. Les Yeux au Ciel
  10. La Distance
  11. Ma Mémoire Sale
  12. Au Parc
  13. Si Tard
  14. J’ai Cru Entendre

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Aha… long time no writing nothing, eh? It’s been mainly because Internet has been really really REALLY slow. Nothing really loads, and I have to reload pages at least 10 times sometimes to open them… it’s all Telefonica’s fault. There’s a rumor around that one of their DNS servers crashed, which explains why EVERYONE’S connection has been crappy. BUT HEY! They would NEVER EVER admit it’s their fault. One day before I found out, they came over to check the connection and failed to mention this, and blamed one of my computers instead.

Anyway, this weekend’s been full of films… nothing in the theaters because Peru sucks at releasing films I want to watch, so I’ve been watching DVDs and downloads. Here are the films I watched: Continue Reading…