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I just noticed I can direct link to my LivingSocial:Albums on Facebook.
Babo me~ now if only they would allow embedding…

LivingSocial Albums

5 albums in Chinese, and loads of high-rated Asian albums. LOL
You can fully check it all out here.

I just needed a reason to post Salyu’s videos. xD
Her newest PV, Extension~~~ She’s changed a lot since her days
as Lily Chou-Chou xD – you can see some of the most obvious changes after the break~
from newest to oldest…

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I can’t remember the last time I did a music backup, and that’s a bit worrying… but not as worrying as the last time I made a backup of everything else. That’s another scary subject. I’m here to show you how neat is my iTunes library~~~

iTunes Library - June05 '09

See? Neat~~~ almost everything with a cover, but that’s because I ripped that from a YouTube video, which is lame… but I couldn’t find a proper mp3 of Sedated by the Young @ Heart Chorus. Do you know where can I get it?

Then… circled albums are the ones I don’t own, and want to buy physically… the ones marked with a “2” means I would be thinking of getting them physically as well. I really, really have fallen in love with the Hana & Alice OST, it goes with liking the film more and more.

The rest, as you can see is filled with Chris Lee, Coeur de Pirate, David Tao, Dirty Projectors, Green Day, The Sounds, St. Vincent, La Patere Rose etc etc… Shiina Ringo, Seo Taiji. When is Seo Taiji’s 8th album coming out??? I’ve been waiting for it since October last year – I remember because I was complaning too many albums coming on Oct/Nov.

So this totally slipped my mind! I got the re-issue of Breathe!!! The Lily Chou Chou album from the Lily film by Shunji Iwai. The first time you see the film is so SO difficult~~ it’s such a hard theme, and characters you just want to slap around. I was a kid not long ago, and I felt so disconnected from THAT reality… yet, the film. You go back to it, and absorb it. The visuals, the music… it’s heartbreak.

Salyu, her voice~~ I fell in love with the soundtrack. The album is an experience all on its own… perhaps more than Salyu’s other albums. It’s the film, it’s because the album is strongly connected to that reality that it works so well… perhaps, a bit poetic. It’s THAT magical. At least to me, and to all the people that had bought the first issue of the album~~~ and maybe the reason WHY it was re-released.

I just want to know, from the people that bought the first run of copies… is it the same as the re-issue? Or has something changed? Hence, the re-issue credits in the album (including a re-design credit) ~ your thoughts?

Lily Chou Chou - Salyu - Kokyu

I must have died and gone to heaven… xD I’m listening to Salyu, who just released a two-track single titled Corteo/HALFWAY, which you can download over at the Salyu LJ Community… which I just found. Heaven!

There, I also found out that Salyu’s turn as Lily Chou Chou on the Shunji Iwai film of the similar name (where Yu shows up) that sprang a double album… including Breathe (Kokyu) has been re-released. Why is that GOOD? Well, because Kokyu was totally sold out online… and it’s probably one of the finest contemporary albums out there. So now I just gotta get money to buy it hahahahaha.

CD Japan – $24.26
YesAsia – $27.25 – 2.500 Yen

Also, apparently… she also released Mercmal in THREE different editions… the regular (of course!), one limited edition with a DVD of a concert in Yohohama, and another limited edition with and extra album with her collaboration work. Call me crazy, I want just the DVD with her collaboration work, I think. I’m split! I think I want the concert more… since apparently the other only has 3 tracks? I’m not sure I want to pay +$30 for a greatest hits album… I’m undecided!!! LOL

Let’s see… has the two limited edition out of stock, and only has the regular one at 3000 Yen.
CD JAPAN has the limited collaboration edition at $32.99, and the regular edition at $29.11.
And YesAsia still has the limited with DVD edition at $40.25, the regular edition at $31.25.

I’ll leave you with the Salyu Merkmal 2009 Tour pics. Wish she’d come here xD

For some of Salyu’s discography, check this post.