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You’ll have to excuse my Japanese. Is the English translation “The Most Beautiful Me”? Okay, I had a listen to most of Nakashima’s discography, after I was totally team Nana xD She strikes me as a emotionless-goth sometimes, and then the other times she strikes me as a total emo. However, I kinda dig her music.

She sounds great on Ichiban Kirei na, and somehow with my understanding of the lyrics… they seemed kinda poetic. I mean, the kind of lyrics that I like from Asian songs in general. Like having to sing about “that time in winter” and stuff like that. I like it when songs talk about the seasons and the elements, hahaha.

I think this song is the theme for Unubore Deka.

that is fascinating.

For one thing, Chris Lee doesn’t have the best voice, she doesn’t have the best dancing, or the best lyrics in her album. However, she writes her own music and lyrics — she seemed to have done so in her self-titled album — , she dances, she even directs her own music videos [one of them Youth of China], and has begun her acting career — in the awarded Hong Kong production of Bodyguards and Assassins, for which she was named Best Newcomer of the Year by the Hong Kong Directors Guild. To top it all off, she’s tall — at least, taller than her Asian counterparts — has an amazing face, and stands out from a crowd by being Chris Lee in a room full of other women.

Multiple-talent threats are often easy to hate because they think they do it all, but in reality they don’t really excel at anything. A few singers who think they can act come to mind, or actors that think they can sing. And even though, Chris may not really excel in any, she’s so difficult to hate because she doesn’t have that superiority air that plagues self-professed artistes. Every time she’s on stage performing or receiving some award, she stands there with an air of a person that’s cool, but also with hints of humility.

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Awww… that is so awesome, non?
Major points for the music~~~
But of course, the big points come
from all that light painting~~~

The video is pretty disappointingly average,
but the song is quite good. =)

Turns out that Faye Wong had been working on the main theme for the Chow Yun-Fat Confucius film. The song, titled You Lan Cao (幽兰操), was finished on December 31st, and will be released on January 6th for the release of the film.

It is based on the works of the Tang Dynasty poet Han Yu (韩愈, 768-824). The director, Hu Mei, is reported to have described Faye’s rendition as ethereal, as “Communication of the earth and the sky’s beauty.”

The new song uses only 64 Chinese characters and is adapted from ancient poet Han Yu’s eulogy on orchids that resonated with the iconic philosopher Confucius.

via Aiya They Didn’t.