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using Posterous

May 29, 2009 — 1 Comment

let’s see how this works.
posting to blog, fb and Flickr… though, no image to upload.
though, I should… let’s add that blinking gif.


/* edit*/

Well, I did various test posts through Posterous with my FB and Flickr accounts… and of course, WordPress, which seems dandy. Won’t really be using it much, unless I’m away and stuff. There’s not much point to doing it when I can access my blogs and all other accounts.

Perfect tool for travel blogging! *hint to you, Julz*

or event blogging… almost works as Twitter, but better. Because you can post to Twitter, and Blogs and all… ALL, at the same time. Easy breezy~~~

The only thing I can’t control is categories and tags. I wonder~~~

Meh~ screencapped my other ones as well…

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