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Happy Bday, Pops~

January 17, 2009 — 2 Comments

Today’s my dad’s Bday! Happy Bday! I called him at midnite to wish him a happy bday~~

And just like my last Father’s Day post, I’m gonna post why my dad is the coolest… xD

First… since it’s almost barely a month~~ He’s going to the BSB concert with me! xD He likes singing Everybody (BackStreet’s Back) xD – and no… unlike many people in his generation (meaning our parents) he does NOT confuse BSB, NSYNC and New Kids on the Block… and he even recognizes between them, 5ive and Westlife. LOL

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Thousand Origami Crane 2009 Greeting

Thousand Origami Crane 2009 Greeting by

This year I’ve made the Thousand Origami Cranes, or Zenba Tsuru… because, well~ I didn’t know what to get my dad as a gift, so I thought… I’ll get him a wish! And he’s a fan of origami cranes~~ so! there you go!


Make this crane wish make your wishes come true. LOL’ ^^

My dad is the coolest because:

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