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Environmental China Ads

November 13, 2009 — 1 Comment

Created by JWT making contrast between the beautiful traditional Chinese landscape paintings, and industrial living. These are gorgeous~~~


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Project China 2009

October 24, 2009 — Leave a comment

Take that Revista Integracion *laughs*


Anyway, turns out the Swedes have been doing this thing called Project China for a few years now. This year they have made a 148-page-downloadable book called “31 days of Watching China Change,” which is a far better read than anything Revista Integracion can come up with.

They talk about Economics, and how the financial crisis has affected China and its people way of thinking. They also talk about the environmental impact of the crisis in the country and overall life.

You can download the PDF from the Project China website.

Design is a bit dull though…

Overall, the marketing campaigns for everything that had to do with the Olympics was pretty awesome. China outdid itself with everything from architecture, urban design, print campaigns, tv campaigns, etc.

This particular commercial (the series of commercials, and print ads) was very moving to me. I remember the first time I saw it, it kinda made me all fuzzy inside especially when we reach the volleyball sequence, with the music and the people behind them. Very emotional.

commercial series + making of + print ads after the break~

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Since I liked working on the BOUND magazine post, I decided to do one on the Revista Integracion issue, which I saw this past weekend. I’ve always been a little pissed at this magazine ever since that cover with Zhang Ziyi with the info “cover: Gong Li” or was is it the other way around? Can’t even remember now, it was so long ago. The thing was it felt like “all Chinese are the same, even for the Chinese working on this magazine.” LOL Plus, who the FUCK confuses Zhang Ziyi with Gong Li????

Integración is the local magazine, formerly known as Revista Oriental, done by the Peruvian/Chinese association… obviously to integrate the Asian community.

Only, there couldn’t be more ass-licking in a magazine like there is on this one. Trust me, the magazine is 98% photos of them and their events, than actual articles talking about Asian issues in economics, cultural or even entertainment. I’m sure as hell I haven’t ever read a review of The Curse of the Golden Flower when it opened in the city. I’m sure as hell that they didn’t mentioned that the Lima Film Festival was showing Wong Kar-Wai films in some of their events.

The bigger your stake in the magazine, the bigger the ass-lick you’ll get. Meaning, the bigger your photo will be. Trust me.

And maybe one or two pages on Korean and Japanese? Integration, my yellow ass.

Well, now that I’ve rant about content quality of the magazine, let’s talk design, shall we?

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Deconstructing BOUND

October 6, 2009 — 8 Comments


… lifestyle monthly with content drawn from around the globe. With the tag line “Different culture, same lifestyle”, BOUND will target female readers with in-depth features, celebrity interviews, travel editorial, fashion and lifestyle news.

or… a Lesbian magazine targeted for everyone. Or that’s what I understood from the ~
Or… really, another glossy.


Hot pink bubble, mine. LOL
Well, typography treatment is not exactly the same, eh?

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