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OMGOGMOGMGGMOMOGMG. I just died of excitement. *laughs*

I haven’t been to Yu Aoi’s website in a while, and not only did I find a new ‘news item’ but also a new ‘message’ – they were announcing the release of Portugirl!! Yu’s NEW PHOTOBOOK!!!!!

OMG, I’m so frakin’ BROKE. =.=

Yu Aoi x Yoko Takahashi - Portugirl Photobook

And  the PB just went on sale on Saturday… according to the website. March 14th ~ which is NOT TODAY anymore. However, the link I found shows the ‘pre-order’ button, instead of the ‘add to cart’ – not like I’m buying through Amazon *laughs* but just something to point out.  Also~~~ HMV Japan has it listed with another title.

Should I test HMV and not wait for YesAsia to list it? I have $5 off my next YesAsia purchase, but that could expire before the book shows up there~~~

Anyway!!! Best thing ever~~~ Yu’s back with Yoko *laughs* – to quote Yu on Travel Sand. I LOVE Yoko-san’s world. ALSO… when did Yu got time to visit Portugal??? Yo, girl~~ I’m telling you… you should totally visit this side of the world, and I’m not talking about Venezuela or any of the Guyanas xD

Travel Sand Scanlation~

January 8, 2009 — 3 Comments

Well, not exactly a scanlation because I’m not thinking about scanning my book. But I was thinking of translatings… or trying to translate Travel Sand to practice my Japanese. Writing, and all… I’ve been transcribing the first chapter, which includes a Hollywood postcard, the letter, and then a bunch of captions on scattered photos.

Of course, with the help of Google Translate (and its funny translations), Rikaichan and the damn Kanji dictionary. This is helping me with my writing as well, because I can’t read all the kanji, so I write them with handwriting input… though sometimes I get it wrong, it’s quite effective.

I was wondering, if any of you… (I know you’re out there because that Travel Sand post has quite a few views) were interested in me posting that. Leave a message.

Would You…?

December 15, 2008 — Leave a comment

Chuck out +$150 for a PB? LOL

I just got some PB news, which I will talk in a minute. That made me wonder if Aoi Miyazaki had any PBs, so I went to YesAsia to look it up. has it also listed, and at +$115 … will Shipping get u from behind though?

Anyway, just read the Juri Ueno, who is planning to release a trip/photobook-y DVD called AO AKUA ( this coming January, will also be releasing a companion PB with the same name. PB will include photos, illustrations and messages written by Juri, who apparently also worked a bit with the designers and had her say in layout, typesetting, and a lot of work. Makes me giddy that Juri did it. LOL

Also… I found this. LOL

Hate the World Today!

November 24, 2008 — 1 Comment

ARGH! >,<x

So the apartment where me lives is getting new paint, so me is crashing on the other side. They painted the ceiling today, and ARGH!! The paint splattered all over my graphic and photography books… of all the books I had, it had to stain the graphic and photography books. WTF! It splattered all over my Juri Ueno A Piacere, it stained my Yu Aoi Travel Sand and Dandelion… lucky for Yu, those two have plastic cover and they covered the Kaiten TABURU PB… but my Juri PB wasn’t so lucky… neither was my Mario Testino book, or some of my other heavily graphic books.

I thought you’re supposed to cover all stuff with plastic… so how the xxxx do they splattered on THOSE books.

Someone must pay! 8-S Someone’s tainted my PBs…

上野樹里 Ueno Juri

上野樹里 Ueno Juri by KHN ;)

Just testing it out to finally see that my Flickr can post directly to my blog. Damn this Firefox incompatibility! Try IE as much as you hate it… it did work.
A beautiful test post with a photo by Kentaro Shibuya from A Piacere, Juri Ueno’s Photobook. Enjoy.