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I just bought the whole McDull collection over at YesAsia xD, complete with a pre-order for the latest McDull film – Kung Fu Kindergarten… or McDull Ding Ding Dong <- buahahaha.

my mom will approve of that, though. She loved McDull.

And because YesAsia was offering extra special offers, I bought (finally) Battle Royale and Kim Ki Duk’s Breath, I just wished they had marked 3-Iron as well xD hahaha

crap, and then I wonder why I’m always pissed ass broke, eh?

And still, wanna buy more stuff xD – Wanna complete my Shunji Iwai stuff with Swallowtail Butterfly, which you should totally watch, because it’s oh so awesome.

3 a.m. online shopping it’s oh so dangerous~~~

Aug 14

Oh, eBooks!

I think finally someone over at Cnet has caught up with what I’ve been saying
tsk tsk…

the only thing missing is that distributors are probably greedy bastards~
just saying…

I would also buy more digital content (eBooks, etc) if it were tagged at $2USD

Anyway… here are some of my suggestions~ – price-tagged by song duration. – with DVD, DivX HQ, DivX and iPod versions.

any book site suggestion?


Alberto Cerriteño - Lolo Pillow

Cutest thing ever!! The Lolo Pillow xD
There’s also the Chupacabra Pillow – buahahaha.

but £33, man~~~ each!
Then I got all “Hmm… I wonder what’s on deviantArt??”

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Though trailer seems to refer to the UK release, has it listed as June 30th, and while the Canadian DVD is set for the same date, the Blu-ray release has a July 7th release. The film is already out through Amazon France
, and Amazon Japan.

check more stuff below the break
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Decided to post this (to make my daily post a day quota) and because I think it’s important people buying Hana & Alice on Region 1 DVD… if you haven’t got it on DVD (original copy, people) to NOT only support Yu and her projects in the region (non-Asian releases), but also support Viz Pictures who have been releasing films like Linda Linda Linda, Shimotsuma Monogatari (Kamikaze Girls), and Cha no Aji (Taste of Tea). All very great films~~~

Also… more people will be interested in perhaps subtitling Yu Aoi films (*hints* Hyakuman-en), and perhaps we could get proper DVD released of Hito no SEKKUSU, and other future projects.

PLUS!! Hana & Alice is 50% the price I bought it for!!! The DVD is quite cheap… only $10USD!!! And if you live in the States, you even get free shipping~~ 10 bucks!!! To own a Shunji Iwai film like Hana & Alice subbed, and with a great (and quite lenghty) Making Of featuring the cast working hard and goofing around. Plus, you can’t miss Yu snoring. LOL~ There! I said it!!

Wait!! There’s more~~~ All About Lily Chou Chou is also quite cheap, 2USD! So if you buy it with Hana & Alice, you get both films at $22 bucks with possible free shipping within the States.