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Nine Inch Nails just became a LOT cooler in the online community because their latest album The Slip cannot only be downloaded as a .ZIP file on MP3 format, but you can also download it as FLAC, M4A and WAVE (that file is over 1GB!!!) for super non-compress audio. And they use torrents for the last three formats… only cool kids use Torrents. LOL’

To top Radiohead off, NIN didn’t ask you to put a price to their music, and gives you the full album art on PDF format for you to print and have, as well.

Now it will all be a matter of waiting to see what this move will bring them. In the meantime, you can download Nine Inch Nails’ album The Slip from their website.

Love New Clothing

April 8, 2008 — 3 Comments

I’m not one to talk much clothing, but I just wanted to remind myself of these. I mean, like Julyssa said – being broke is always hard. I wish I had the money to buy these at

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I just can’t believe Amazon doesn’t have any more of The Jason Bourne Collection, especially since they didn’t have it listed when Ultimatum appeared for pre-order~~~ damn u, amazon! I could’ve pre-ordered, duh!

Late edit, but I ended up buying from, and re-stocked.

Found the Silver Sea!

August 13, 2007 — 3 Comments

I have finally found the Silver Sea album by Méav Ní Mhaolchatha, after extensive searching and waiting. I will share for a limited time only, if you’re interested, be sure to leave a message in this post.

The album has 13 songs of pretty awesome vocals. Meav’s got one of the most delightful voices I’ve heard in a long time, it really is a pleasure to just listen to her. Many of the tracks are slow to mid-tempo songs that really showcase her vocals, but most of my favorite ones are beat-driven tracks like The Wicked Sister, and The Dark-Haired Girl.

Some other highlights are Morning in Béarra – that, if I’m not mistaken, sounds like She Moved Thru the Fair, – A Maid in Bedlam, and Youkali Tango – a sexy-sounding Tango in French. Song lyrics and translations found at Here’s the tracklist:

  1. You Brough Me Up
  2. The Wicked Sister
  3. Morning in Béarra
  4. Full Fathom Five
  5. The Waves of Tory
  6. A Maid in Bedlam
  7. The Cradles
  8. Newry Boat-song
  9. Martha’s Harbour
  10. The Dark-Haired Girl
  11. Port Na Bpucaí
  12. Silent O Moyle
  13. Youkali Tango

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