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Subtitles Vs. Fansubs

September 12, 2008 — 4 Comments

The amount of films that are not in a language I can speak have increased at least 90% this year… thanks to the internet of course, otherwise I will be waiting for them to either arrive at the cinema, hit the small screen on satellite or cable, or just by finding some Region 1 distributor… but none of that!

Anyway, because of this reason, I have been focusing a lot on subtitles, and I finally have 3 films that I saw with fansubs and now I watched with the subtitles on the dvd. And the results are in… 3-0 in favor of fansubbing.

It’s not because the subtitles on the dvd are bad… they just lack on something. A little UMPH… a little personality… a little common sense?

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Chinese stories? Yah, in the Western Media.

Last week or so, my mother woke up to some news reporter, what else, talking about the Olympics. Such news report, title Cuento Chino (Chinese Story, as in Tall Tales?), broadcast sometime on Sunday (probably Reportajes) in Canal 2 (Frecuencia Latina).

Furious, my mother wrote a letter to one of those so-called opinion columns, for Somos magazine that is part of El Comercio newspaper.

Here is the copy of her email to them.

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Enough, I’m tired of the western media nitpicking.

Rant ahead~~~~~

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My dad is the coolest because:

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Dying with Envy!

May 12, 2008 — Leave a comment

I always do this to myself… check on Ticketmaster to see what concerts I can’t attend to. I blame it on Madonna this time~~ The headlines of Madonna breaking another record got me to go to the Live Nation website, and you could check up on the upcoming concerts they had, so it got me thinking what was on Ticketmaster. And BAM!

Plaza Nightclub has 4 shows I want to attend~~~
Tokyo Police Club – May 15 – $17.85
Melanie C – May 17 – $35
Los Campesinos! – June 1st – $15.50
The Ting Tings – June 9 – $13.50

and the Commodore Ballroom will have The Kooks on May 24 for only $18.50

Sucks not to be there