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KFood Does Taste Better…

November 7, 2009 — 2 Comments

After an episode of Family Outing.

I mean, a bowl of white rice with dried-spicy-caramelized squid can’t taste much better than it did, after watching sexy (or Bingu?) TOP – Hahahahaha. Also, trying to get my other friend to watch too. I think she will be hooked soon. More on that later~~~ So are we one people at a time now?

Hyori-unnie, you’re so awesome.

Yejin-unnie, I miss you!

*does Grasshopper dance* Hahahaha.

Dear Hyori-unnie~

November 6, 2009 — 5 Comments

I love how you mean-girl people.

I just finished trying to catch up on Family Outing because Diana and I are meeting to watch the latest episode, and I hope to get together for some KFood as well, because every time I finish watching the show I get hungry. No matter if it’s 2am and I’m supposed to go to bed.

I saw the Farewell episodes, and the two episodes welcoming the Park Siblings. I miss Savage and Lovable Ye-jin-unnie, and Chunderella. Ye-jin is so efficient, right? How can they fill up those shoes?

Please, Hyori-unnie, keep on mean-girling people. You remind me of someone I haven’t talked in over a year, and I don’t even know where this person is to send an “analog” letter, because apparently my Digital Design friends are mostly analog now. Ironic.

Hyori-unnie, keep wearing those glasses. They suit you, and not everyone can wear them. Keep wearing sweats and slacks, and be sporty… also, keep picking on Jaesuk-oppa ‘coz it’s just too funny to watch.

Also, piece of friendly advice. Don’t mess around with scandal… or, to borrow from you “You Die”.

So~~~ we are very close to actually reveal who will be on the #1 spots of the Actors and Actresses to keep watching until they turn 30. I haven’t had much feedback on it, but the posts seem popular.

When I first started the list, I felt like I was effing it up with the guys. I know there are a lot of great young actors out there, but I’ve never truly felt a connection the way I kind of fuzz over with some of the actresses on my list. However, now that we are almost over, I feel like both lists are pretty good — I would really want your opinion though.

Another part of this interesting process was coming up with The Ten 20 to Watch that Didn’t Make it. I think working on it also proved how difficult it was for me to come up with actors names. While I had actresses names to spare for that list, I thought it was difficult to come up with just 5 names.

During the making of these many posts, I also noticed how complicated it was to find any real GOOD photo of the young actors. Are we so obsessed with the photos of the young and beautiful ladies that we don’t bother photographing guys? It’s so easy to come across a photoshoot of almost all the girls on my list (except Ines Efron and Sandrine Pinna — whose picture I, by the way, confused wtih some other actress. LOL) but it’s nearly impossible to come across an unwatermarked good photograph in good resolution of at least 50% of the guys.

Also, did you notice that I added actors that I don’t like? It was such a bizarre experience to talk about them without wanting to talk about them. Emile Hirsch I could deal with, because at least I watch his films… but Shia? I was shocked that I couldn’t find someone I really liked to take his place.

Maybe that should mean that I should stop watching so much television, and listen less music to focus a little more on films. I should be able to find someone, right? Talented and charismatic? Someone whom you actually feel like supporting through and through?

My TV Fall Season’09

September 23, 2009 — 4 Comments

What is I watching?

As you know, I’m watching Glee!!! – 22eps for this season, I’m so happy!!

and I just began watching House last night. This season premiere blew me away. I’ve got a bizarre thing going for House. LOL’ I actually think he’s pretty hot… in the OMG-he’s-such-an-asshole-but-so-smart-and-plays-music kind of way. And there was also Franka Potente in the episode. Potente, *laughs* always makes me laugh. It’s a Peruvian thing (dunno if it’s Latinamerican) – it’s commonly heard “esta power” or “esta fuertota” – sorry, I can’t translate that. But “Potente” always reminds me of that, so whenever I watch a film with Franka Potente, I giggle.

Anyway… I’m rambling. The premiere of Season 6 was wicked. Very different from a House episode, but still good. I did miss seeing Cuddy, though. It’s guaranteed that I’d be watching next episode.

Also… next week, Desperate Housewives begins… which, okay~ last season wasn’t so good. In fact, I’m beginning to screw up my DH collection because I’ve decided to not buy Season 5, but I’m willing to give Season 6 a try. After all, the first time I saw the later seasons of Buffy, I didn’t really liked them. xD

Nothing else. I think it’s time I pick up the pace for film viewing, I do want to be eligible for my own awards.

Also! I can’t wait any longer for Dexter and United States of Tara!!! And I’m also planning to watch Mad Men Season 3. Also interested in Big Love. And I know I should watch True Blood, but all the “OMG this is truly better than Twilight” scares the shit out of me.

So more piracy talk~~~

September 15, 2009 — 4 Comments

So now French users can be (can be, under the current law) banned from using the internet for up to a year, if they are caught downloading illegal music, and a fine of 300k Euros. [AFP] Oh, my! And apparently, Sweden is also monitoring user download activity? Any word on that, Julz~?

There was also this article talking about a DRM server the Japanese RIAA wants to use to check on the music their users are playing on their phones… considering we (iTunes users) have already moved away from DRM tracks, I think it’s a very bad idea…

And then comes this very interesting post/article by dear Lily Allen for The Times, in which she expresses some of her thoughts  about the issue, and the opinion of some of her more “legendary” colleagues…

Music piracy is having a dangerous effect on British music, but some rich and successful artists such as Nick Mason, of Pink Floyd, and Ed O’Brien, of Radiohead, don’t think so. Last week, they told The Times that file sharing is fine. It probably is for them. They do sell-out arena tours and have the biggest Ferrari collections in the world. For new talent, though, file sharing is a disaster — it makes it harder and harder for new acts to emerge.

That’s partly true. But so it’s this…

By moving to a microtransaction model (charging <£1 for an album) for recorded music and increasing the emphasis on live concerts musicians can increase their revenue stream and attempt to reduce the abuse of their IP.

I understand what Lily Allen is saying, but the music industry spends too much money on advertising and pushing poor catchy music.

If your product is so good, then it does not need advertising or pushing.

Itunes and other sites are still overpriced in terms of album costs.

Books survived the photocopier, music will survive the internet. Real musicians have realised concerts are more of a money spinner and are have brought live music back to the front of entertainment.

As I’ve mentioned before, I watch as many films, and listen to even more music than I ever did. I still buy CDs, but only the really good ones. The ones that are worth my $14 for album/DVD package. Right now, they just happen to be Asian albums… which actually are worth my +$30. So I am paying $30 or $40 for a CD from Japan because it’s good. Wanna wonder why I haven’t bought much from anything else?

And yes, digital content is way overpriced.