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Needle heels should be banned from choreographed music videos.
on Meisa Kuroki dancing with heels.

I’ll eat my words by the end of this post, don’t worry.

As you all know, I’m a late K-pop bloomer. Since everyone around me seems to be into Kpop, I don’t keep an eye on it because I don’t feel like I need to… I just wait for my friends to tell me what to watch. LOL

It is in my search for Glee + Kpop posts (because I want to see how much audience would be into it… not many), I ended up on the video posted on a celebrity gossip website, that shall remain nameless, of After School’s Let’s Step Up MV.

They described it as Glee Korean style — which is not. As you know I love Celtic music, hence I also have a fascination with Riverdance, and tap dance. Let’s Step Up blew my mind. LOL Are you kidding me? Glossy pop music mixed with tap, mixed with Riverdance? I love it.

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I’m not even a fan, but woman knows how to work that stage. She certainly knows how to close a show! On a very VERY long new year night… imagine having to download 11Gb to watch a roughly 6hr show, Jpop duo DREAMS COME TRUE was the most memorable number of the night — which includes a giant tsuru (crane), and a rock n’ roller tongue-wiggling ojiisan,

Are you kidding me? A marching band (the Kouhaku Marching band) with a lead singer jumping in a kimono? That’s an automatic win. xD Plus, Ikite yuku no desu (生きてゆくのです) is super catchy, the performance just brings it to the level of memorable.

This is the best I can do for the moment, the only clip I’ve been able to find. If/when I find something better, will re-post. Now, if NHK was smart, they’d be posting the Kouhaku performances on their own site for embedding, instead of taking down the performances that make it online…

I know a bunch of people were watching the American Music Awards on Sunday – does anyone care about the AMA once we grow older? I actually complained there was no broadcast, when there actually was… I just didn’t know there was, because I guess I didn’t care.

Also I rarely have the TV on in anything other than CNN, NHK, or CCTV LOL

Anyway, the New Kids on the Block and the BackStreet Boys performed together – which they’ve done before, only the video leaked that time was just a bunch of women screaming. So this one is an actual broadcast performance bringing oh so many memories.

They sang a mash-up (Glee fan-mode on) of Hanging Tough with Everybody, which then turned into I Want it that Way, which turned into Step by Step with The Right Stuff, and they finished off with Larger than Life.

Please, I was a teenage girl once – I know every single track name from any pop song of any pop idol prior to 2002. I know the choreography to those music videos. LOL

But now? Now I work on YAM, and I’m all about WORLDWIDE stuff.

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It is common knowledge that I’m not really partial to un-scripted television. I grew up with things like MTV’s The Real World in the background of my mind, sometimes watching it quietly when I was a teen. But then it just exploded, and it’s not like I’m bothered by the actual programs… what bothers me is that contestants later become “celebrities”. It’s like being a celebrity means nothing. You can eat crap (literally) for money, win and become a “celebrity”. That’s sad.

Having said that, I have a few shows that I do watch. It doesn’t have to do with who’s in it, or who’s going to be in it… who says it’s what, or if it’s hot or not to watch it.

It’s simply 3 things I would like to be able to do.

First, dancing.

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Considering I didn’t think the Latin Grammy was anything special, I thought I’d give the search for my favorite performance of the Video Music Awards.

The initial shot works perfect, despite some problems with the camera zooming out. Moreover, the cuts when everyone shows up dancing work to show the whole stage, and closer shots for all the jumping.

The song is catchy, and the performance is different enough from the rest of the performances of the night to be memorable, and perfect to stand out. I hope Vimeo doesn’t delete it because it’s the only good version I’ve found.