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Just saw The Red Balloon, and well… just beginning to be a little obsessed about it~~~ so in light of that, I have “curated” a gallery on Flickr, properly titled Le Ballon Rouge.

I also have started a new list on TheAuteurs titled Ultimate Films for the Kiddos~ which I will hopefully fill up with films kids should grow up watching. I would love your suggestions.

Just started this.

My Fake Criterion Collection

Happy Belated Xmas, Amy!
it’s here, it’s here!

After ages on my Amazon Wishlist, my dad made it happen. *laughs*

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We Are Seventeen has created a pretty cool motion piece with some Must See Movies.


Check out the video here. [needs Quicktime]

Just finished browsing through my Communication Arts issue, and ran into these posters for TCM and their classic film line up for the summer, which I thought were pretty cool.


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