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WARNING: Possible extensive Usagi (Rabbit in Japanese) post ahead! – Of course I am talking about the Japanese or overall Asian style of posing for a photo. I’ve done it… I cannot escape, *looks at you* – You’ve done it too… ~~~~ I’m sure of it, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post in the first place.

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I know I’ve heard that one before… maybe in school? Maybe just talking among friends… but one thing is for sure, that a good story can be understood even with a language barrier.

Has any of you watch a film in a language that doesn’t resemble yours? I’m not talking about me watching La Vie en Rose with Swedish subtitles… though that was a challenge, but let’s face it~~ French, Spanish…. kinda helped a little bit, non?

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Last Friends Lightroom!

June 27, 2008 — 3 Comments

*Swoons* More lightroom testing. I played around with 3 different types of photos, some captures from the intro in nifty Black & White, nifty in character photos, and cool photos of the actors not in character.

Last Friends – Intro in Black & White
Last Friends – In Character
Last Friends – Out of Character

LOL. So the last episode of Last Friends was out last thrusday. Did you watch it? I hope you did, coz I might be spoiling some of it on this post.

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Okay, so it’s official. I am RASUTO FURENZing people one at a time… and now that the last episode is approaching, I’m telling you right now! I’m coming to get ya! When I read about the show, and the controversy, I knew I had to watch. I was in a pickle when I saw the first two episodes, when damn! I realized the show had just started showing, and I had to wait for the next episode… and I’ve been waiting for the last 8 episodes.

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