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AVG 8 Free, Win XP issues?

November 5, 2008 — 2 Comments

I have been googling about it, but haven’t found much. Will blog more later, coz I’m off to see Volver. Has anyone found issues with the AVG update of last monday or yesterday? Been having issues… just managed to uninstall AVG, and will write more here when I get my computer back online…

I am having a similar problem to the one I had when I did the last Silverlight Windows update.

Ok… back to my computer. According to the comments below,  AVG now works fine.

Anyway, there’s also the description of the problem… maybe someone can explain why it could happen, or how to fix.

The problem I had was with the Win XP interface. Whenever I tried clicking on the Start Menu, it would open for a blink and disappear. No right-click menu could be open… so basically the taskbar was not usable. On the desktop, any icon clicked to try to open a program would open the Property Window instead.

If by chance I managed to open Firefox to try and google, I couldn’t type anything at all. And if by chance I would type any letter (eg. “S”) that would open a menu item(eg. “History”), the menu would drop down. If I managed to open a website and try to click on a link, it would work as a right-click-save-link-as.

The only thing I could do was either restart or turn off the computer.

The first time this happened was on a Windows XP update of Silverlight, which was undone by a system restore. The second time is this with AVG. Does anyone know why? O_o

4th Generation iPodI’ve got a 4th generation iPod… yes, my iPod is 4 years… since the day I bought it on my trip to Hong Kong back in September 2004. Yes, my iPod has many scratches on the tiny 1.5 inches one-color screen. LOL I cannot watch videos, it doesn’t allow photos… and it’s only 20Gb. But it’s more than I could ask for…

Yesterday, my iPod suffered an accident, and it’s been on the border of a permanent coma. Connected through the USB cable to my Frankestein PC desktop, I tripped over the cable and it fell on the hard cold floor. I had dropped my iPod before, and apparently… it’s been taking its toll.

One of the problems that began happening is that Windows XP wasn’t recognizing the iPod, iTunes crashed… and I ended up restarting my computer more than a few times before I decided to disconnect it all. Once again, I disconnected all and restarted the system as I connected my iPod directly to the electrical outlet with the firewire.

It seemed to work that way, and I hadn’t lose any of the 3000+ songs I’ve got in it… over 14Gb of music. When I woke up today, everything seemed to work fine, and I set up the music that I wanted to listen while doing some studying, when all of a sudden everything stopped playing. Most of the songs I tried playing showed that little exclamation (!) sign when iTunes can’t find the original file.

After that, Windows and iTunes began acting weird again, and it did so in another computer. After a few more restarts, I plugged the iPod to the electrical outlet once again, and let it rest there for a while.

iPod is working once again… and songs that showed up as missing are playing fine.

My faithful 4-year-old iPod that accompanied me through so many sleepless school days during finals, during so many hours on a plane… and terrible endless waits in airports around the world. ~~~ There won’t be a replacement for my 4th generation iPod, just like there’s no replacement for my worn-out Adidas, which I bought in 2001 and have carried with me around the world… endured terrible rain, mud, moss, extremely long walks.

Just an hour ago, I accepted the newest Windows XP system updates… I normally check what to update. I even checked once if I could get rid off Internet Explorer, but no luck there. Anyway, I accepted the update, and it downloaded fine, and it got installed~~

I restarted the system, and since I thought everything was fine. A minute later, I opened my torrents to continue download, and I went to watch the rest of the episodes of Wonderfalls on DVD. I finished watching one of the episodes, when I checked up on the download speeds only to find out they were all RED. Nothing was downloading, so I thought that maybe it was something with the torrent client, so I  tried login on my Messenger account, but it didn’t work either. SO, I opened any site on Firefox, which didn’t work either!

I couldn’t think of anything else that would make my internet stop working right after the restart, so I did a system restore to yesterday’s date. And now it works again. So I’ve decided to cancel the updates that the system is prompting once again…

Did anyone else have the problem? O_o