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This not just in… but I’ve been watching the TV since it was announced.

Surprising news… Michael Jackson died. O_o

NOOOOOOO! Before I get to see him in concert. Damn!

Read all about it here.

MJ changed the music industry, and was an idol that went across the generational barrier inspiring tons of people of many different ages… including my uncle and aunt, my older cousins, me and my younger counsin. His video for Remember the Time was the first video I remember ever making an impact as a kid, and will always regard him as a musical visionary.

Well it’s been a few hours already. I can’t still believe it – this has actually been a day of a lot of deaths (3 more) announcements aroudn here – *sighs* And it seems this has shocked a whole lot of people. My dad was following this story with me… and even my mom, who doesn’t generally give a crap about entertainment news.

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— June 29 —
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If MJ Came to Peru,

April 13, 2009 — Leave a comment

Will You Be There?

Sorry, couldn’t resist that one~~

Despite all the crazy, I would go. I would pay to see Michael Jackson – just like there’s people saying they’d pay to see Britney Spears in Lima. Really? After the shennanigans in Vancouver? ~~~ but oh those possibilities of rock with your cock out. LOL’

ANYWAY, I don’t know how much I’d be willing to pay to see MJ on stage… perhaps it will have a broad price range like many of the more ‘popular’ concerts. I’d be wiling to pay $50 for some okay ticket… I’m not crazy enough as some MJ fans. Plus, it’ll be tough to compete with them~~

By the by, have you heard? Jonas Brothers sold like 20K tickets in 4hrs in Peru. Prices raging from 1300-ish Soles ($430ish USD) to 50-ish soles ($15ish USD). I’m so glad I’m not a parent, and so glad my younger cousin doesn’t find boys an interesting subject… yet. LOL

Also Disney flat out denied that they are building a park in Peru. LOL’ Just thought I’d put this out there just in case…

… well more like making you remember. LOL I think I might have perhaps talked about this on previous Why the 90’s Ruled or Not editions. But here it goes,

You LUV it, right? The video, LOL –  you’re free to go after the break to keep on reading… travel through time!!! xD

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Bummer~ Couldn’t find some tracks from the playlist I made in my iPod~~ 5 in fact, ARGH! And Deezer won’t even let me play some of the songs that I did find… They should let you add your own mp3 from a URL, right? Like MixWit used to??

Screw you Deezer, buahaha~

Here’s my YouTube Playlist~

You don’t know what My Life as a Soundtrack is? Check this post.

  1. I’d Start a Revolution – Aimee Allen – Opening Credits
  2. Citizens of Tomorrow – Tokyo Police Club – Waking Up
  3. Campus – Vampire Weekend – First Day At School
  4. The Lucky One – Au Revoir Simone – Falling In Love
  5. Scream – Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson – Fight Song
  6. This Is Me, This Is You – Marit Larsen – Breaking Up
  7. Hump De Bump – Red Hot Chili Peppers – Prom
  8. God is a DJ – Pink – Life’s OK
  9. Beautiful Dreamer – Mates of State – Secret Love
  10. Clunk-Rewind-Clunk-Play-Clunk – Los Campesinos! – Mental Breakdown
  11. Go Forward – Lisa Gerrard (Whale Rider OST) – Driving
  12. Tonight I’ll Be Lonely Too – Alison Krauss – Flashback
  13. Quedate – Andrea Echeverri – Getting Back Together
  14. I’ll Never Tell – Emma Caulfield/Nicholas Brendon (Buffy Once More with Feeling OST) – Wedding
  15. 喂!喂!(Wei! Wei!) – Hello! Hello! – Bibi Chow (Zhou Bichang) – Birth of Child
  16. Earth Intruders – Bjork – Final Battle
  17. If Tomorrow Never Comes – Ronan Keating – Death Scene
  18. When I Get Where I’m Going – Brad Paisley & Dolly Parton – Funeral Song
  19. 不留 (Bu Liu) – No Staying – Faye Wong – End Credits

Well, my music video knowledge is very limited, but these are a couple of the trivia that I know by heart:

  • The first EVER music video aired on MTV was “Video Killed the Radio Star” by, if I recall correctly, The Bugles.
  • “Thriller” by Michael Jackson was the first ever Music Video-Turned Short Film.
  • The first ever Music Video I remember watching is “Remember the Time” by Michael Jackson – another short film/music vid!

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