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This isn’t a regular Award Season post.

But it’s a lot of postings… I should post one by one, but I am lazy… even if it increases posts number which have decreased a bit this month.

First with the Most Anticipated~~~

Yu gets a mention for Otouto which is about to open in a few days~~~

Then we go to some award nominations~~~

Dear Doctor gets Best Picture and Best Director for Miwa Nishikawa, as well as awards for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress (Kimiko Yo) at the Nikkan. Mother got some love for Foreign Film, and Masaki Okada earned the New Artist for A Pierrot (what? LOL)

The Hochi awards the film with a Best Director as well, a Best Supporting Actor for Eita, and a Supporting Actress for Kaoru Yachigusa. Michael Jackson got a Special Award, and some more love for Ken Watanabe, Clint Eastwood and Masaki Okada who also won Best New Artist for Honokaa Boy.

Seems like the Japan Academy Award will be fought over The Sun Doesn’t Set, and Dear Doctor~~~

And to close this post, a Top Best Asian Films of the Decade.
Will work on mine later~~~

Julz sent this to my email, and then saw it on Nippon Cinema.

Thank you, Yu. Just what I asked for!
And before I get to see Ike-chan! LOL

Also, gonna quote NC coz it seems more precise. Yu and Masaki Okada have worked together on Honokaa Boy, but Yu was in such a small portion of the first 10 minutes of the film, that it shouldn’ t really count as working together. LOL

But here goes~

Yu Aoi and Masaki Okada are set to star in an upcoming jidaigeki film called Raiou, which is based on a best-selling novel by Mari Ueza inspired by Shakespeare’s classic tale of star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet.

Okada will play Narimichi, a young man born into the family of the shogunate, and thus bound by the shackles of his own bloodline and the expectations of Edo period society. Aoi will play Yu, a girl who has been living deep in the mountains since being kidnapped at a young age. Under normal circumstances, these two would never cross paths, but a chance encounter in front of a strange tree called “Raiou” sparks an unlikely romance.

The project will be directed by Ryuichi Hiroki who previously worked on Eita’s movie April Bride, which I dunno… gives me some doubts. I didn’t really think much of April Bride, and I do love Eita a lot. However, the idea of Aoi playing a “savage” [insert shameless Savage Yejin plug here] makes it interesting.