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Raiou Gets a Teaser

May 14, 2010 — 6 Comments

Woah~ seems like Yu is everywhere this May.
I’m loving it.

Like I’ve said before, Yu’s face on Raiou seems flawless. And she seems more grown up, I was a little taken by that. I feel so proud. LOL even though I’m younger… This is the Yu I like, the one that acts. I’m all over the voice she uses on that teaser. The screaming, it reminds me of Shiro.

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Raiou Un-official Snap?

March 29, 2010 — 13 Comments

Well, I was expecting Masaki Okada with that hairstyle… but wasn’t expecting to see Yu so normal… How she manages to look good in rags still surprises me. I mean, she does look adorable in this snap. Her face is going to be flawless on screen…

And… I’m to lazy to try to figure out what this article is talking about.

All I wanna do is see Yu horseback riding =D

The film is based on an award-winning novel written by rookie author and housewife Kanae Minato. Actress Takako Matsu (K-20, Villon’s Wife) plays a dedicated teacher at a junior high school who’s young daughter is found brutally murdered. Believing two of her own students are responsible, she decides to leave the school, but not before a final chilling confession to her class in which she informs them that she’s already enacted her plan for vengeance.

Watch the trailer via Nippon Cinema.

Seems like a good Nakashima-san project.
I’m excited for it xD can’t wait for it…

And that Masaki Okada, he seems to be everywhere, eh!?
Check out the trailer via NipponCinema.

Two months worth of films to close the year,
let’s hope 2010 brings loads of good ones…

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