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oooooh, smokey and fire-y.

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Ooh la la!

Mademoiselle Laurent featuring Bokeh xD
in black and white. I love.

Thank you other-Amy for the link =D

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Is this the new contender for this year’s Best Abstract Music Video? It seems like it, because I love me some shiny things. I can just look at shiny stuff all day… I love how pretty light looks… especially with Depth of Field.

You can also download six tracks from the Vital EP.
Directed by Takafumi Tsuchiya.

Awww… that is so awesome, non?
Major points for the music~~~
But of course, the big points come
from all that light painting~~~

I just found this kick-ass photoshoot with pretty light by Bruno Dayan, and behold! While looking at his portfolio, I ran into these Marion Cotillard photos as well. =D



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