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Okay, I took a WHOLE lot more time on getting names for this list, because apparently I am not knowledgeable enough in female actresses and well singers from Asia as I first though… also made their annual list of Hot 100 2010 [as well as Top Women of Color, Top Out Women, Top Women over 40], only they made it backwards, so I’m linking you to their last page, and you’re going to have to work your way backwards… Ovbiously, I thought AfterElton worked better because I took the time to look through it more than once to make sure I wasn’t missing anyone.

Tips for a better list for AfterEllen:

  • Start from #100
  • Point out with arrows who’s going up or down in positions, and who’s a new entry.

And really? No Asians on your list?

Not that I don’t appreciate the likes of Alicia Keys, Jennifer Beals, Cate Blanchett, Julianne Moore, Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, the girls from Glee (Cheerios plus Rachel, woah that’s bizarre xD), Meryl (who doesn’t need a last name), Rachel Weisz, Amanda Seyfried (even though the things that are coming out of her mouth lately), Christina Hendricks, Tina Fey, Penelope Cruz, Jodie Foster, Rachel McAdams, the whole cast of The L Word… right? Pink, Emily Blunt, Kate Winslet, Ellen Page, all whom often make appearances on this blog. And to top it with Olivia Wilde…

but then again… no Asians?

So me, barely scraping made a list of Top East-Asians that you might want to consider for future editions of your Hot 100. I would also offer a weekly/monthly (a la my AfterElton offer), but I don’t think I’m as knowledgeable in this area. I could try pimping Asian talents on a monthly basis if you want xD

Okay… once again, in no particular order.

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Hyori-unnie, I really like you as a person, but I’d trade those high heels you got on for some comfy sport shoes and a rocking choreography. I really like when you start the car-thing, but really… those high heels don’t do anyone any justice on the dance floor.

Having said that, the net is BUZZING because you appear to be packing-a-six with you.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t see the six-pack even on HD, so if you wanna see the six-pack Hyori-unnie is showing off, you’re gonna have to head over to All KPop. If you want my “professional” observation, those abs are make-up. She’s got them, don’t worry… but those six she’s showing off on that screencap are too cinematically perfect. Yes, she’s got a hot body. Yes, she can totally kick ass on any Pop princess around the world.

Do I think you can have a Six-Pack-Off against Pink?

Maybe… we are in need of a six-pack assessment~~~ xD
After all, Pink has a MEAN six-pack.

I swear to kamisama that Hyori-unnie has been watching a lot of films. Last time she did Black Balloons and creepy clow in a gloomy beach, which was totally arthouse. This time around she’s totally District 9 meets The Fifth Element meets Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

I love it. xD Thanks for the Hyori video-bombarding, Julz.

Hyori in the yellow feathery coat looks like a little pollito. LOL

Hyori-unnie’s Vol. 4 album H-Logic [okay…]

Here comes the first single… a Latin-emo arthouse styled song/video.
Doesn’t it make you think old Latin song? Like OLD school Latin song.

And there’s a creepy clown… so arthouse.
And black balloons… totally Le Ballon Rouge xD

thanks Julz for the heads up~

Asian Music Round-up

March 28, 2010 — 12 Comments

27 Asian Music Albums OWNED. [One, Mirotic… thanks Julz~]

That’s like 50 regular Western music albums in price… just so you know.

Over 240 Asian Music Albums HEARD…

it’s been 2 busy years of Asian Entertainment…
and I can’t seem to stop~

musicians and idols~ I can’t hate any of them…
and they’re making me broke xD