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How old is Se7en supposed to be? I feel like he should be contemporary of Bi Rain, but he looks as young as the “younger” DBSK, Big Bang, 2PM, 2AM and every other goddamn K-pop boy band released in the past 3 or 4 years.

Okay, having said that… did anyone else thought of Europop when listening to the song? I mean, the song it’s okay – but okay only. It’s too much autotune from the beginning, and the choreography is okay. I dunno if I’m being too “gay” now, but the women in K-pop are kicking k-pop “boys”  butt lately. Hyori and Narsha alone look so much cooler than Bi and Se7en.

Someone sub this ASAP!

Found a subbed version xD

Hyori never fails to make me laugh, despite the lacking elements in her albums or performances [idol, not an artist], I find it very compelling to just watch her… especially on variety programs. I mean, sure… she’s hot, and in that case photos would do, but her thing are variety programs. She just shines in those. Like in here~

The old people part was hilarious.

Photographed by Hong Jang Hyun.

I feel I shouldn’t be posting these, hahaha. But you know, Julz sent them… and I have nothing to post at the moment, so I figured some people should see them xD

So I’m linking this time.

For the full set, NSFW… I mean, looking at bikinis catalogs at work is kinda creepy — go to Eiffel in Seoul.

Hmm… wouldn’t it be GUERRILLA? Just saying.

Julz has decided to send me anything regarding Hyori (or Bi), and well… can’t really complain, can I? But to be honest, this Guerilla Date show scares the crap out of me. Fans in hordes scare me.

Having said that, Hyori is such a good idol. She is SO charismatic, and she’s not scared of making fun of herself — maybe that comes from hanging out so much with Jaesuk. OJO! I didn’t say she’s a great artist or performer, I said idol. She’s got so much personality, and you can’t help but keep looking.

Hyori cracked me up with talks about comparisons with Beyonce and Lady Gaga… blond wigs, and smiling with her gums. Don’t worry, unnie. Your smiling face is the best ;P

I totally spit everything on my desk, when my friend sent this over.

Of course, you do know I pimped Bi and Hyori to western audiences last week.